The Beauty and Majesty of Liturgical Dance

I must say, this is one of the more sophisticated and expressive examples of liturgical dance I have seen over the years. The aesthetic value of the song which the dancer interprets in this video is amply betokened by his movements.


  1. Father Cory Sticha

    Classic, simply classic. A masterpiece in interpretive dance.

  2. ocd sister

    About 8-9 years ago I was at a benedictine monastery up north for the Pascal Triduum. On Holy Thursday's liturgy, some of the benedictine sisters erupted in their dresses and tutus with tambourines, and jumping about not too diferently from this fellow. It was appalling. Lord save us from liturgical dancers…Thanks for the good laugh.

  3. RichnHim

    Surely your tongue is in your cheek??or (*s)

  4. Kindred Spirit

    This is great! All those who have encouraged the abomination of liturgical dance should be forced to watch this video as a reality check. A masterpiece of interpretation indeed! 🙂

  5. Mike

    Hmm. I think I heard that this dance was performed at the Los Angeles Religious Education Conference. All kidding aside, it wouldn't surprise me! Thanks for making me smile (sort of) on an otherwise all-too-serious Thursday. Patrick, you're the best – next to Stephen Colbert, of course.

  6. clavichord

    almost as bad as the clown ministry…

  7. Susan L

    That was hysterical!!! 🙂

  8. John Hetman

    Wow, I know a couple of suburban parishes that would welcome this guy. He could dance up the aisle as the head of the procession of little dancing girls while the cantor, Ms. Puggy Lea and her Liturgical Disciples rhythm band lead off with a rousing "King of Glory" or "Sing Out, Earth and Sky"! And just think what they could do at the Offertory. Chilling.

  9. bill7tx

    What happened to the puppets? There were supposed to be puppets!

  10. tornadoparrot

    This could really benefit from a bluegrass gitfiddle accompaniment in the background.

  11. AmMen

    This is very timely. We usually have "King of Glory" on the Feast of Christ the King as processional or recessional.

  12. avyanez

    Wasn’t that Cardinal Mahoney. I hope to live long enough to see Oregon Catholic Press razed to the ground.

  13. Judy

    I hope he didn’t hurt his back, on some of those back kicks : )

  14. Judy

    I hope he did not hurt his back on those back kicks : )

  15. Lisa Nicholas

    I’m definitely inspired to worship! Can’t write more now, gotta dance!

  16. Joseph

    definitively more inspiring, than some of those nunny bunnies hopping about

  17. Infidel de Manahatta

    Now if they could only include the beauty of liturgical dance with clown masses (versus populum of course) maybe Catholics would start coming back to Mass, er, I’m sorry, the liturgical celebration.

  18. Mike Malone

    Well, this is better than the liturgical dance used by Cardinal Mahoney.

  19. […] The on-going fightback has begun. Horrified by a Pope’s new confirmation of Summorum Pontificum, a organisation of Tabletista liturgical experts have devised “joyful alternatives” to honest Latin ceremony and a “stilted” new English interpretation of a Missal. My sources advise that a dance-based rite has been choreographed by Tablet Rome match Bobbie Mickens and perceived a blessing of a much-maligned Archbishop Piero Marini; it might be test-driven in a Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, and maybe also in Westminster, depending on either an desirous west London monsignor is allocated an auxiliary bishop. What will this new joyful-but-dignified ceremony demeanour like? Here is a preview (hat-tip to Patrick Madrid): […]

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