1. GodSpace

    yet another one who believes that Catholics aren't Christian. Not everyone remembers what the gospel reading is, and the sermon in many Christian churches doesn't follow the Ordo but is based upon what the pastor is "called" to preach on.

  2. SAHMinIL

    I seen the that show that night, and the clip doesn't really do the whole thing right. I believe if my memory is right that Moore stated he was Catholic in that show as well.So he really wasn't bashing Catholic, nor was he suggestion they weren't Christians.He was truly just putting Hannity on the spot and asked him if he went to Mass every Sunday.

  3. Kathy

    Blech. I lost a lot of respect for Mr. Hannity when he went after Fr. Euteneuer. And Michael Moore, well, I do give him credit in that he *thinks* he's doing the right thing.

  4. SAHMinIL

    From Wikipedia: Moore describes himself as a Catholic, but has said he disagrees with church teaching on subjects such as abortion and gay marriage.

  5. Michele Laughlin

    This is very common among most Catholics, I'm afraid. I coordinate faith formation for adults, RCIA, youth and children at a Catholic parish. One way I've gotten at least the kids (and the RCIA folks) to remember the Gospel is to encourage the practice of Lectio Divina of the Gospel and readings BEFORE going to Mass. It has helped!!

  6. Just another mad Catholic

    In the 1962 calander (on the 11th) Our Lord was telling the parable of the wedding feast and Fr Malleray (FFSP) gave a wonderful sermon regarding the Blessed Sacrament.

  7. Marb

    Hello… he is Catholic. Please do at least a little research before posting comments. How do you think he knew what the Mass reading was?

  8. StJohnsPriest

    The challenge for the priest is to preach on the gospel and make it compelling enough that those in the pews will remember what it was about! however, many, protestant and Catholic, go through the motions no matter how well the preacher presents a compelling message.

  9. Darren

    Michael Moore wants to put his "Catholicism" on display now, and put down Hannity's. Moore is a hypocrite.First, when put on the spot, it's easy to forget what was the Gospel reading from two days ago. Hannity also said he went to Mass Saturday night.Second, MOORE WAS INCORRECT about the gospel reading. The interview was on October 6. The Gospel reading from the Sunday before was NOT about the rich young ruler. That reading wasn't until the Sunday AFTER the interview.Also in the same interview, Moore said idolatry was against the "Second Commandment." But, in fact, that's included in the First Commandment according to Catholic reckoning.This is not to mention Moore's disagreement with Church teaching on abortion and gay marriage. So for Moore to act like a holier-than-thou Catholic is reprehensible.

  10. Katie & Alen

    The front line of the fight with the devil is remembering the gospel reading from mass. I tell all the catechism teachers to arm themselves with it and remember it each morning. Most people are afraid of what ideas the devil will lead them to, but its what he is leading them to forget that causes more problems.

  11. Nuky

    Michael Moore throwing the stone without being free from sinPushing a Pro-Abortion Health Care Agenda and Euthanasia and gay marriage? THIS IS A GOOD SAMARITAN???

  12. Nuky

    and in the same interview Michael Moore Contradict himself when Hannity asked him why he supported Cuba' s Healthcare program. He said because in Cuba the people live longer.When Hannity asked him during the interview why wanted to take away benefits for old people ? he said because we are living more longer (Supporting Euthanasia contradicting himself with his duplicit argument)

  13. tim mccarthy

    Neither are very Catholic especially Sean Hannity because of his public support for the pill/contraception, leaves him latae sentetiae. Moore if he is a socialist is in jeopardy of losing his soul,and leaves him latae sententae, also.

  14. Nick

    May Moore return to Jesus Christ. It is easier for a camel to go through a needle than it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  15. Patty "Wilson" P

    I often write down what my priest says during the homily…I have a notebook full of his homily gems.I never ran into as much Catholic bashing as I have here in the Mid West. In DC it was very different.

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