Genesis Front-Man Phil Collins Can’t Play Drums Anymore

This is sad news. I’ve been an avid fan of Genesis since 1976, when the group’s drummer, Phil Collins, took the lead after former front-man Peter Gabriel left the band to pursue a solo career. Under Collins’ leadership, the band scaled new heights of musical diversity and commercial success. But it’s being reported that, due to complete numbness in his hands following his recent neck surgery, he’s simply unable, at least for the time being, to hold the drumsticks. I do hope that problem is only temporary and that it passes soon.

In the meantime, here’s a tasty Genesis video to enjoy. I don’t know if Phil Collins is Catholic, or even if he is religious, but I’m sure he and his family (and the band) would appreciate any prayers you could spare for his healing.


  1. Katrina

    How sad…There are only a few people who knows how to play drums, and thank GOd Phil. Collins is just one of those talented drummers. However, due to numbness he cant play anymore.Dont worry, you will still be one the greatest drummers i have ever known..

  2. Sharon

    Sad news indeed. I hope and pray he can bang his drums again one day!! Each time I hear a Genesis or Phil Collins song on the radio, I find myself doing drumming motions (which could be potentially hazardous if I'm in the car!)

  3. My Chocolate Heart

    What an awesome video! I was mad when it ended, I wanted to hear the song!I'm with you, Patrick. I hope this is temporary and he gets back the use of his hands. He's an extraordinary musical talent. His voice is one of my all-time favorites, and his skill on the drums is amazing. God bless him and heal him.

  4. son of Adam

    If you have never seen Chester Thompson and Phil Collins duel with their drums in concert, you are in for a real treat. He is an amazing and diverse musician. Not only on drums, but also on the piano. May God heal him of this infirmity and those of his personal life.

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