1. donnamaz

    To much Botox!!!!! My kids said she looks freaky!!!!

  2. rich1821

    I think that the photo captures her elongating the third word in her exclamation "I am eeeeevil" 🙂

  3. sherrylynn9

    Do I have spinach between my teeth?

  4. Just another mad Catholic

    Lost soul in need of correction

  5. sfwife

    Fixodent holds longest!

  6. R.C.


  7. Steven

    I swear, doc. I floss every day. Take a look.

  8. Gary Keith Chesterton

    No! It is I who will eat YOUR head!

  9. Roz

    You mean he's NOT the Messiah?!

  10. BradleyNation

    Thank you President Obama, Those Federal TARP funds sure whitened my teeth…See!

  11. Susan L

    "EEEEEK!! I see Sarah Palin!!"

  12. Susan L

    "I'm melting…I'm melting."

  13. Mike in CT

    File under:"Rejected casting photos for the role of Mrs. Robinson"

  14. PLD Consulting

    What! my plastic surgeon was arrested for practicing without a license, and he never finished medical school. No Way!

  15. Joyful Catholics

    She froze in sheer terror when told by Al Gore that her carbon foot print might be too large and she'll have to sacrifice and fly commercial twice a year.

  16. jonathanmm63

    "I'M ….. NOT …… RAISING…… MY….. VOICE!!!"

  17. Dan Marcum

    Caption:Nancy Pelosi supports flossing every day!

  18. Sharon

    …and just before her head spun around, she hissed menacingly. SSSSSS!!!!

  19. James

    EEEEHHHHHH!!!! That was not just a fart!

  20. Jean-Therese Delacroix

    This is Nancy Pelosi when she wishes to eat away the power of Congressional social-conservatives!

  21. HSDAD

    Do NOT Bleach! Dentists don't want you to know THIS teeth whitening secret …

  22. Kevan Knowles

    Do you hear what I am saying!!!!!!!!!

  23. Laurence C

    Compelling reason for a constitutional amendment to change the presidential line of succession

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