Let the Girly Men Eat Cakes

Having traveled to Japan many times, I can say that I have not seen many ojo-man milling around over there, but I have seen them. I see some of them here in the U.S., too. Read on, and you’ll see what the title of this post refers to. Strange. Sad.

At the age of 18, Mitsuhiro Matsushita already has a good idea of his ideal future. After he graduates from university a few years of work will be followed by marriage to an industrious wage earner. When children arrive it will be Mitsuhiro who stays at home looking after them, baking cakes and biscuits and living the traditional life of the Japanese housewife.

None of this would be noteworthy but for one thing. Mitsuhiro is not a conventionally minded Japanese woman, but a thoughtful, articulate and fashionably dressed young man. And far from being a marginal eccentric he is a member of a large and growing tribe of Japanese manhood that is attracting the fascinated and anxious attention of companies, academics and the mass media.

Two phrases have been coined to describe them: soshokukei danshi or “herbivorous males”, and Ojo-man— or “girly men.”

Definitions vary, but the new herbivores could be described as metrosexuals without the testosterone. Although most of them are not homosexual they have in common a disdain for the traditional accoutrements of Japanese manhood, and a taste for things formerly regarded as exclusively female. Girly men have no interest in fast cars, career success, designer labels and trophy women. Instead, they hold down humble jobs, cultivate women as friends rather than conquests and spend their free time shopping at small boutiques and pursuing in Japan what is regarded as a profoundly feminine pastime: eating cakes . . .


  1. Geoffrey Miller

    Do you think the chemical pollution of our environment is causing the feminization of humanity?Check out these links: http://www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_0286-19563867_ITMhttp://www.ourstolenfuture.org/NEWSCIENCE/wildlife/fishfeminization.htmhttp://www.contactpakistan.com/Communitylibrary/general/news69.htmWe may be experiencing the same effects as animals are from our wicked abuse of the creation around us. All the sexual sins of the modern age may indeed trace back to sins against nature by irresponsible use of our technology.Things far worse than global warming (if you believe in that or not) seem to have been set in motion.

  2. Dennis Chacon

    is funny… actually disturbing how meanings of words like gay (meaning happy) and girly men are changed to further the advancement of the decay of our society as we know it, it almost seems like the dark side is winning sometimes, Men need God to guide them in their lives.

  3. Seth

    Girly men have no interest in fast cars, career success, designer labels and trophy women. Instead, they hold down humble jobs, cultivate women as friends rather than conquests….Oh no, this discription sounds like me, though I would die before wearing a skirt or lacy top. Thankfully, I also have a beard, smoke cigars and drink whiskey, and just haven't found the right woman.But then rather than rebel against current concepts of manhood in favor of some perversion of femininity, I look to Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, as my model. That's the solution for not only Japan, but every civilization.

  4. Phil

    Not to play devil's advocate, but I guess some of the stuff "traditionally" associated with manhood may not be all that good anyway, such as seeing women as conquests or throwing away morals in order to make a pile of cash. I do not like the feminization though. That's disturbing.

  5. Randal

    I don't know if the links on the first comment refer to the hormones released into the water from the use of contraceptive pills but that is what I heard is one problem with the fish. Lust a capital sin, ushered in pornography which in turn ushered in contraception, but all related to an inordinate desire to seek sexual gratification. I've also heard that men in seeking women using contraceptives are actually desirous of "neutered males". Don't women dress as more as boys do than as women? All part of the same sin. The fruit in the middle of the garden seems to be representative of the sexual powers – used at OUR will's discretion, a host of evil ensues. Used as God wills, a fruitful blessing of little ones. "Let the children come to Me and do not hinder them." Mt 19:14

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