Robert Spencer Debunks Mainstream Media Spin on the Fort Hood Terrorist

Catholic author Robert Spencer, proprietor of Jihad Watch, offers a sobering corrective to the media’s strenuous efforts to downplay and ignore the religious nature of the mass murderer who killed 13 and wounded over 30 others at Fort Hood the other day. Well worth listening to his analysis.


  1. Nick

    Somewhat related: Some mainstream media are honing in on the fact that the terrorist went to strip clubs.Two things:One, a similar story about a so-called terrorist opening fire on his fellow soldiers also carried the fact that the terrorist went to a strip club. I had thought people had learned from than that you don't highlight the evil deeds people do – instead, you have mercy and pray for them. I'm not saying ignore evil, I'm saying, focus on the Mercy of God, which should make us merciful to others as well.Two, I have an ex-friend from the Navy who does go to strip club and who said that trips to the strip club are actually quite common in the military. I was surprised by this, and when the news broke out that the terrorist went to strip clubs, I was not surprised. I'm passing this bit of knowledge onto everyone, because ignorance is not good.

  2. Teri

    Patrick,I just finished listening to a lecture he gave at Christendom College in Front Royal, VA only a year of so ago (Itunes U)I know he gets a bad rap in the media (of course) but you at least need to listen to this lecture in particular (not you…but others that disagree).Go to iTunes and then look under iTunes U, which are all of the college and university courses available online. You can find this lecture at Christendom College…can't remember which series but you can find it.As Catholics, we KNOW, that people make judgements and decisions based on a one-sided view of history. As Mr. Spencer explains, we (Christians-Catholic) were trying to push the jihadist back when they overtook Spain ages ago.Not politically correct to say , as Mr. Spencer maintains, that the bad rap Catholics get for the "Crusades" was an attempt to push back a complete takeover of the faith as we know it.All the "Catholic haters" should understand if not for those Crusades, there wouldn't have even been a Protestant Reformation.Thank you, Patrick for never being afraid to be a strong and godly Catholic man.In the peace of Christ,Teri

  3. Athanasius

    The fact that he went to a strip club actually suggests a stronger terrorist leaning than one might think. In Islam there is a doctrine called "Taqqiya", which is loosely translated as dissimulation. It is a teaching from the tradition that Muslims are allowed to engage in what is evil in order to fool the infidel and make war on the dar al-harb (us). Hence it legitimate for a Muslim engaged in Jihad (struggle) with the infidel to do things such as drink and chase women if it leads one to believe that he will not really fight. On the other hand maybe visits to the strip club made him think of the 72 houris that he would enjoy in paradise. Lord have Mercy!

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