St. Louis Archbishop Carlson Now Under Media Attack

I’ll tell you what. I am
stoked to see the new wave of American bishops taking courageous, articulate, and effective public stands against evil in its many forms. This is exactly what the Heavenly Doctor ordered (John 10:11-15), and it’s something I haven’t seen, at least not like this, not in such numbers, in my nearly 50 years of being Catholic. Thank God Almighty that more and more of our bishops are standing up like men to fight the good fight. May the Lord strengthen them!

Those thoughts were prompted by an article I saw just now at the St. Louis Catholic Blog which details how the media has now turned its guns on Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis because of his efforts to rally resistance to uphold and defend the traditional understanding of marriage (i.e., one man and one woman).

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson [is under attack] for donating to the effort to uphold traditional marriage in Maine. This successful effort defeated a ballot initiative that would have allowed couples to pretend that living in a sodomitical relationship is the same as marriage, with all of the attendant legal rights and obligations thereof.

Tim Townsend has the story at STLToday. He attempts to paint the Church in a bad light by juxtaposing this donation against the layoffs this summer at Catholic Charities:


The St. Louis Archdiocese released the following statement to the Post-Dispatch:

In June of this year, Archbishop Richard Malone of Portland, Maine sent a letter to all U.S. bishops asking for financial support for issues the church considers to be moral issues. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson approved a donation for $10,000 which was charged to the special needs fund. This fund has traditionally been the archbishop’s for discretionary spending, not for formal operations, and is funded by private gifts. These funds were already available when Archbishop Carlson arrived in St. Louis. Archbishops of St. Louis have made donations in the past to help other dioceses around the world for various causes ranging from disaster relief, to pro-life issues.

Carlson was installed on June 10. The contribution from the St. Louis Archdiocese was received by the Portland diocese on July 16.

Less than a month earlier, on June 22, the archdiocese eliminated four positions at Catholic Charities, the largest private provider of social services in Missouri. Catholic Charities president, Monsignor Mark Ullrich said at the time that the job cuts were “due to our need to economically downsize.”

The archdiocese has been stung by the struggling economy. In January, it eliminated 25 part-time and full-time positions – representing 6 percent of the jobs within its administrative and educational offices, not including Catholic Charities. Last November, the archdiocese said its revenue had dropped 37 percent because of decreases in investment income and contributions.


See, the insinuation here is that the Archdiocese is either lying about the reasons for the layoffs, or else is willing to spend money to discriminate against homosexuals but won’t spend money to help the poor. A pretty lame effort, even for the Post-Dispatch.


  1. Fr. Peter

    I only wish our Orthodox Bishops had the guts that bishops like this have. Perhaps they can get together and teach our bishops how to be bishops.

  2. MB

    I'm so thrilled to see that Archbishop Carlson is continuing the tradition of so many outstanding bishops in St. Louis (my adopted home for nearly 30 yrs). I've concluded that the msm only hires journalists who take "Anti-Catholicism 101" in college.

  3. WI Catholic

    I am beginning to run out of fingers and toes with which to count the brave Bishops that are finally speaking out Truth. I have a few other topics that I'd like to hear about….

  4. Gina

    God bless Archbishop Carlson, Archbishop Burke, Archbishop Chaput and all true shepherds of this wayward and opionated flock which belongs to the Good Shepherd. May their reward be great and may they find support here on earth.

  5. Penitent

    I agree, it's wonderful to see the courage with which our Bishops are speaking out against the evils of our society. Praise God!

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