Catholic Radio Is Coming On Strong Across the Country — Take a Listen . . .

Catholic radio is expanding rapidly across the country, and it’s very gratifying to see how many good things are happening — in particular conversions to the Catholic Church — that result when Catholic radio starts up in a given locale. A new station in the Immaculate Heart Radio network has gone live recently in Salt Lake City, blanketing most of the State of Utah, and another large station will go live in December, booming across the metro Phoenix area with 24/7 Catholic programming.

In addition to the many Catholics in Arizona who will be tuning in, you can be sure that there are also certain non-Catholic critics of the Church who will also no doubt be “closely monitoring” the Catholic airwaves once the new station gets up and running. That will make my job as host of the Thursday edition of EWTN’s “Open Line” show that much more enjoyable. (“Open Line” airs each Thursday at 3:00 p.m. ET.)

Doug Sherman, president of Immaculate Heart Radio, estimates that upwards of 150 new stations may be going live next year across the U.S.


One of the leading shows, carried on virtually all Catholic stations, is the “Catholic Answers Live” program. I was on it last week, fielding questions for an hour. Among the various topics we covered was a call on whether God loves everyone, something that relates to a central error in the Calvinist religious system. Take a listen . . .


  1. Kindred Spirit

    Thank you, Patrick, for this very informative entry which I just posted as a link on my blog.

  2. Micha Elyi

    Q. What is the difference between Hell and Catholic Answers Live?A. Satan rules Hell, a place of eternal punishment. The other, hosted by Patrick Coffin, is two hours of punishment.

  3. Magister Christianus

    Patrick…I began listening to the local EWTN radio station shortly before the 2008 Presidential election. I found it had the absolute best discussions and coverage of the truly important issues. As a result, I have continued to listen for more than a year, have found myself watching EWTN on television, have read many books on Catholic apologetics (including some of yours), and have been praying and pondering a "Tiber swim." Thank you for all of your thoughtful and thought-provoking work!

  4. Magister Christianus

    P.S. To Kindred Spirit…thanks for linking to this. I found it through you, because you are on my blogroll!

  5. Christopher

    Our upcoming station in Bryan/College Station, TX will be one of the 150!!! Pray for us as we hit our fundraising efforts head-on in the next couple of months. We plan to be on the air in the next few months, God willing! We will be broadcasting at 88.5 FM, KEDC. Our website is

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