The Groveler in Chief Does it Again

(Dear Leader makes his obeisance to the Emperor of Japan.)

Isn’t there some kind of charm school where men who’ve been elected president should go for at least a few weeks of tutoring in the basic dos and don’ts of being President of the United States? Apparently not, but there certainly should be such mandatory training so that this kind of silliness doesn’t happen when the guy gets into office and embarrasses the country, the way Dear Leader has a knack of doing. Doesn’t anyone coach him on what to do and not to do as head of state? Anyone? Please?

(And for those who will be quick to point out that in Japan they bow to greet one another, I know that. I’ve been to Japan many times and am familiar with their customs. But, as I see it, this incident is not one of “when in Rome, do as the Romans.”)

(Courtesy of the Drudge Report)


  1. Jean-Therese Delacroix

    Quite frankly, I'd have to say this:I agree with you in apologetics, not politics.Look, it is a fact that in Japan that the emperor is supposed to be given the deepest bow possible without going to the floor (if a commoner ever sees the Emperor in person). And this is a matter of custom and respect, not necessarily a matter of being subordinate politically speaking.And of course, Obama ain't Japanese — they don't even shake hands that often in Japan unless they are dealing with Westerners! So let's just give him a break here: just as we don't want people from Europe offending our customs, Japanese people probably don't like it if we break their customs. I think this is just a silly argument to make when it comes to a bow, an Emperor, and a President.Indeed, there are other graver things to consider when talking about Obama such as abortion and health-care. It may be a funny sideshow, but let it not detract from the main issues at hand.

  2. Nick

    President Obama, you don't have to bow and shake hands at the same time. One or the other suffices as a greeting in most of Asia, especially southern Asian.

  3. Greta

    He also said he wants to get to Hiroshima and Nagasaki for what I m sure will be an apology tour. However, I think there is a good answer at wars are over and we send aid, the next time lets send democrat leaders over one way to help them rebuild just like they are trying to do here. that way we can be sure they will never become a threat to us in the future.

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