Hey, Remember the 60s? They’re Coming Back on Campus

This time around, students aren’t agitating on campus for a cause like civil-rights or anti-war. These UCLA students are hacked off because of money. Specifically, they don’t like the fact that the school is planning to bump up their tuition rates by 32%.

But, but, what happened to all the fresh, youthful altruism that, at least ostensibly, fueled the 60s’ student demonstrations? You mean these college students want to hang on to their (parent’s) hard-earned money and not be required to fork it over to an institution that has the power to forcibly extract it from them?

Why, these kids are starting to sound like conservatives! (At least when it comes to money.)


  1. Kindred Spirit

    Fiscal conservatives–it was inevitable.

  2. Raulito

    Who's university? I am not sure, however I am fairly certain that UCLA does not belong to the students. I wish that rather they would re-direct their energies to more important injustices such as abortion and the communistic-like take over of the U.S. government. Ah, well…

  3. Chad Myers

    I'm willing to bet that the majority of them support nationalized healthcare. They don't have any problem raising our taxes and premiums 30%+, but when you try to make them pay more… watch out.

  4. Greta

    Think this is bad, wait until they pass the healthcare reform and send back new mandates for increased medicaid funding. Taxes in every state will go up dramatically to cover these increased costs and the democrats will soon add the illegal immigrants to the citizen rolls and full coverage as well. We will have unemployement at depression era levels.

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