1. Jean-Therese Delacroix

    Nice video, Patrick! But is it just me, or I smell possible blog article material on the Devil? (Just asking? ;D)

  2. Soutenus

    How wild you should post this! My son and I just returned from the Renaissance Festival and attended the "Birds of Prey" show. An owl (just like that one) actually grazed my head as he dove in for his prey.It was chilling because they are so incredibly powerful (but do not look menacing).

  3. Nick


  4. D

    Isn't there something about "Molech" being represented as an owl?

  5. Felix Coraza

    Aerodynamically efficient…so as the Devil's scheming.

  6. Dawn

    If you are afraid of the owl (the devil, or Satan) than of course he wins…Did not Jesus ALSO say FEAR NOT….Did Not Jesus Also say that if we pray and plead the Blood of The Lamb that Satan/Devil will "Flee from Us?" I had an experience recently. I usually take my daily walk and when I do that I always pray my Rosary! As I was saying my Rosary I heard a growl from somewhere near me and I looked around to see if there were any dogs or other animals. There were no animals around me and there was no sign of children, adults nor were there any open garages where children or adults might have been. Do I think that this was a demon? You bet! Did I experience any fright…..NO! Did I feel any sense of intimidation? H*** NO! I am NOT frightened or intimidated by demons….I have a great deal of respect for my enemy and I have a great deal of hatred for them….but I do NOT fear them since I am BOTH "a child of God" AND a co-heir of heaven…..something demons threw away when they disobeyed God. Do as Jesus said…."Be as pure as doves but as shrewd as serpents! The greatist weapon against Satan/devils is humility, The Rosary, prayers honoring the Precious Blood of Jesus and of course…..The Eucharist!

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