And now, meet the other “Father Z”

For the last several years, I’ve been following with great interest the astonishing success that Father Zakaria Botros, a Coptic priest, has had in evangelizing the Muslim world — in Arabic, using the Koran. As an Arab, he understands the mindset that so many Muslims have toward Christianity, and he exploits that knowledge quite effectively, not by simply presenting the claims for the divinity of Christ, as an example. Rather, he firmly turns the tables on Muslim apologists by relentlessly critiquing and refuting their own claims, using mainly the Koran as his tool. The reports are, he is successfully converting large numbers of Muslims (albeit secretly, for fear of deadly reprisals from their erstwhile co-religionists), and this is causing a lot of consternation among many Muslims who see Father Z as a real threat to Muslim hegemony.

And they are right to think this.

We should all be praying for this courageous priest. For one thing, he is almost single-handedly evangelizing hundreds of millions of Muslims every day through his television program. Anyone in that situation needs a lot of prayer. As one would expect, his life is in danger because of his work. May the Lord bless and protect this worthy servant of His!

Visit the other Father Z’s English website here and his Arabic site here. And, of course, the excellent Father Z we all know and love can still be found feeding the chickadees here.


  1. Brian P. Craig

    I'm impressed. A tremendous man. May God protect him.

  2. Parvenu74

    Feeding chickadees or finding and feeding the lost sheep… the question of "to whom to donate" is a pretty easy one to answer.

  3. An Anxious Anglican

    Parvenu74: What are you talking about? The Father Z "we all know and love" has got a dynamic online ministry in addition to anything else he's got going on – I think he is "finding and feeding" plenty of lost sheep – including this one!

  4. Juan

    A brave priest of Christ. He's radio program was pulled off the air in Detroit after the Muslim community protested.

  5. Patrick Madrid

    Parvenu, Father John Zuhlsdorf is a great priest doing great work. He, too, deserves your prayers and support.


    Did you notice how the 700 Club got in a swipe at "saved through works" in there by corraling Cyril of Jerusalem in Luther's critique?Oh, well. It is the 700 heretics club, after all.

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