We Now Have DEFINITIVE Proof that Mark Shea Actually Supports Torture

I knew it! I knew it. I just knew it.

Even given all his florid protestations to the contrary, and all his glowing “at-a-boy!” praise for my own personal denunciation of torture notwithstanding, and in light of his constant grinding on literally anything that moves — if it has even the tiniest tincture of support for torture about it — all of Mark “Torture Is Eeeeeevil” Shea’s claims about how he’s all against torture and stuff have just gone up in smoke.

Gun smoke, that is.

And I seriously doubt the old dude on the floor was ever even Mirandized.

(Courtesy of the illustrious and slender Father Shane)

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  1. R.C.

    I agree.Clearly that kind of singing was what the Geneva prohibitions against torture had in mind.But is the man being held at gunpoint a lawful, or an unlawful, combatant? It matters….

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