1. Tomnibus

    I dunno, I seem to remember seeing this on your Christmas wish list, Pat.

  2. Joel Raupe

    I suppose it could stream some really foul language and Rap, or grab parts of its representational anatomy, but that would be beyond annoying, I suppose. That would provoke destructive violence more than mere peevishness. Somebody obviously went to a lot of work to build this thing.

  3. Jeff Geerling

    It's actually rather entertaining! (At least, the first time).

  4. Fr. Bud Pelletier

    FINE, then when that package from me arrives, just send it right on back. I THOUGHT I had found you the perfect gift – for the Apologist who has everything.

  5. Roland's Dad

    So you'll be adding this to your Amazon wish list when?

  6. pennyyak

    Only one that exists (I think), but yes, would go so well with Toyota's robot that plays the violin. Alas, maybe next Christmas.

  7. Carl

    There are no words….

  8. Gretchen

    A robot doing "the robot"..how appropriate.

  9. Eric Ewanco

    It's only about twenty years out of style.

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