More Proof That More U.S. Catholic Bishops Are Leading the Charge in the Abortion Battle

After the dreary wilderness years of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, when many Catholic bishops in the United States practiced a kind of know-nothingism in their silence and lack of real, out-front leadership on life issues, such as abortion, things are quickly changing. Individually and corporately, the American bishops are starting to lead the Church in the right direction: the battlefront.

Everyone knows that abortion is the white-hot center of this generation’s pitched battle against evil. Abortion is this generation’s equivalent of slavery, which was the primary social evil 19th-century America. Good triumphed over evil when the horror of legalized slavery was abolished and eradicated. And today, the evil of legalized abortion is an even more wide-spread, more urgent menace to a truly free society.

Catholic bishops are no longer silent in the face of this national tragedy. They are throwing off the shackles of silence and timidity. In increasing numbers, stalwart bishops are leading from the front, showing the way forward and, by their own example of fearless engagement of today’s pro-abortion extremists, they are sounding a clear trumpet note for Catholics to rally.For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” (1 Cor. 14:8).

The pro-abortion extremists know this, and their consternation is palpable and rising. A good example of this is the most recent attack on the U.S. Catholic bishops, this time by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, of Kennedy Clan fame (she is RFK’s eldest child).

Not only can the Catholic bishops who are leading from the front and taking a courageous stand on this issue take satisfaction in Ms. Kennedy Townsend’s shrill hectoring here, they can take hope in the fact that, as their efforts prove more and more effective in turning the tide of this long-standing struggle for human rights for unborn children (human rights which Ms. Kennedy Townsend and the other pro-abortion extremists she is inveigled by and beholden to), this rising clamor of agitated “Catholic” voices, like Kennedy-Townsend’s, is clear evidence that they — the pro-abortion extremists — are deeply worried that they will not carry the day, now that the Catholic bishops have stepped into the fray.

Watch this battle scene from the superb movie “Glory.” Starting at the 4:00 minute mark, you will see depicted in that Civil War battle what we are beginning to see now from an increasing number of good bishops, men who are valiantly leading the charge in our generation’s equivalent of the War Against Slavery — the War Against Abortion.

Onward, Christian soldiers. You are fighting the good fight.

On health care, the bishops have lost their way


The Roman Catholic bishops need more time. That is the recent word from Sen. Ben Nelson — news reports noted that before he introduces his amendment to restrict women’s access to coverage under health care reform, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops needs more time to review it.

Why is it that the bishops are more concerned with restricting millions of American women from making health care decisions that are best for them and their families than they are with ensuring that millions of Americans — women, men, children, immigrants, the poor, the middle class — get much-needed health insurance?

As a Catholic, I dare say it’s because the Conference of Catholic Bishops has lost its way. For example, in Missouri, the Catholic Conference issued an e-mail alert urging “those who are opposed to health care reform but are also pro-life” to “stay focused on the abortion issue and get the Stupak-like amendment adopted in the Senate.”

Really? As Catholics, are we so laser focused on the issue of abortion that we are willing to join tea partiers and the like to bring down the health care reform bill? And at the enormous expense of millions of Americans who suffer every day because they can’t afford to get checkups, because they must choose bankruptcy in order to save the life of their loved one?

Not this Catholic. As someone who was raised by a family absolutely committed to public service and to making sure that our nation provides health care to the least among us, I am devastated that the bishops are using their influence to try not to increase access to health care for the millions of people who don’t have insurance. Where is their passion for the families who need health care?

I hope that members of the U.S. Senate will defeat Nelson’s amendment when it’s introduced and keep the health care reform efforts moving forward. There is already a carefully crafted, reasonable and abortion-neutral compromise in the Senate health care reform bill. It is neither pro-abortion rights nor anti-abortion. It is simply pro-health care. . . . (etc., etc., etc.)


  1. Solange

    ***Can someone explain why the Catholic church is unable to discipline (read them their rights…) to dissident catholic politicians… on abortion, contraception programs, and gay marriage? These politicians are destoying the faith by creating scandal and permitting the silent holocaust of the unborn on an apocalyptical scale…***

  2. bakerstreetrider

    Now if only the U.S. Bishops would stop taking the laity's funds to support pro-death organizations such as the CCHD. I am rather boggled the bishops are so firm on health care, but dishonest/ignorant as to where collection money goes.

  3. Roland's Dad

    This evil person is spreading lies about our faith, in addition to her pro-death stance on abortion. WHY IS SHE NOT EXCOMMUNICATED? WHY ISN"T HRE BISHOP TELLING THE WORLD SHE IS NO LONGER A CATHOLIC, despite her claims.

  4. Greg

    When the U.S. Bishops stop crawling into bed with these very same pro-aborts when engaging in their anti-death penalty subterfuge, despite the fact such subterfuge is effectively employed as a wedge between pro-lifers, I might share some of your enthusiasm. But until then…

  5. George

    Oh that the Kennedy clan would convert en masse to the Episcopal community and that Americans would finally get over its infatuation with these frauds.

  6. ecclesiaprimus

    Patrick, why on earth do you publish this garbage…? They don't deserve your 'location'…remember the real estate crisis

  7. Rebecca

    Wow. Could she congratulate herself any futher on her superior pedigree? We're all supposed to 'lock step' with her thinking because of 'who' she is, and her family's alleged committment to public service? Hope she's counting on that in the afterlife. This mother is not impressed or swayed by her silly argument.

  8. Micha Elyi

    I marvel at Ms. K.K. Townsend's skill at dodging the plain truth of abortion with snakey circumlocutory references to "women’s access to coverage" and "health care decisions." She's upset that she can't make abortion pleasing to the eyes.I'm also pleased to see a growing number of our bishops become more resolute in their public resistance to The Culture of Death and its knowing or unknowing advocates.

  9. kirsten michelle

    God bless our bishops!! Ms. Kenney-Townsend's thinking troubles me deeply (understatement of the century). It still baffles me that taking a life is presented as a merciful and loving option and that as Catholics, we're the weird, unloving ones for wanting to protect life. Geesh.May the Lord have mercy on us all.

  10. Amera

    I expect nothing less from a "Catholic" Kennedy. The same mentality as Pelosi, Kerry and the rest. Shameful

  11. Greg

    How does it constitute a "courageous stand" for Catholic bishops in the most free country in the world to speak out against abortion, which is the bare minimum for a bishop? What precisely are they sacrificing, other than no longer being invited to cocktail parties at the Kennedy compound?

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