Devil Candy

Perhaps you’ve heard of “Engrish”, the term for the often hilariously ludicrous malapropisms committed by Japanese when translating into English? Here’s something I ran across awhile back that, coming from China, could be called “Chingrish.”

If anyone knows what’s going on here, please share.


  1. Eric Ewanco

    I am so fascinated by this stuff I am tempted to learn Chinese just so I can determine what they originally meant to say. Then I'd go around to these places and offer to re-translate their tragedies.

  2. Mike Hyland

    Ok, I'm just guessing here, the "candy" is spicy, hence the reason "stick can be used by friends to blow." Just guessing. I do know one thing for sure, it makes me want to "toot horn melodiously" (as if there were any other way to toot a horn).

  3. Parvenu74

    I emailed this to a Chinese coworker. He said it's actually a very good translation but that the original Chinese makes no sense.

  4. Patrick Madrid

    Interesting, Parvenu. I would have expected guffaws from your Chinese friend. Thanks.As for me, I interpret it to mean that it's some kind of red-hot candy around a bubblegum center (aren't they called "Charm Pops" here in the US?), so after you've eaten the candy you can blow bubbles with the gum. Does that make sense?

  5. Ismael

    A colleague of mine (who is chinese) translated it for me:It says it is a lolly pop shapen like a devil with some kind of filling in it.Also you can use the stick as a whistle (your friends too!) after you have eaten the lolly pop.–@Parvenu74 Perhaps the person who wrotre this note was NOT versatile in both english and chinese alike 😛

  6. Parvenu74

    "Interesting, Parvenu. I would have expected guffaws from your Chinese friend."No guffaws, just a series of confused looks as he read and re-read the Chinese text trying to decide if there was any sense to it. My guess is that this description had been translated through a couple languages before it was rendered into Chinese.

  7. Laura

    sounds like cocaine

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