1. Catholics View

    VERY funny! I hope my blog is better than his – what do you think? Visit http://www.catholicsview.com, God bless you and all your readers and listeners.

  2. Teri

    Looks like a scarier adult version of Lucy from A Charlie Brown Christmas "the doctor is in" sign over her stand…LOLSadly, it's true some places. There are those of us who can't have a huge extended family Christmas because there are those who feel it their right and duty to slander The Church that Christ gave His authority too.At Christmas time, which some of my extended family will only concede is a pagan custom, there is bitterness about our faith.Our Lord said He left us His peace, not as the world considers peace. He said He would be with us always, through the apostles, even to the end of the Messianic Age and then the end will come.He left us a Holy Spirit that breathes life into us and He left us Himself….in the Eucharist.True food and drink…The Orthodox Jews say that when Messiah comes the only sacrifice that will be observed is the Todah, or the sacrifice of Thanksgiving…or Eucharistia in GreekThe early Jewish Apostles and believers knew Messiah had come and they celebrated the sacrifice of Thanksgiving and the Passover of the New Covenant as one and the same.No one who offers a Thanksgiving Sacrifice or a Passover sacrifice did not eat the meal!I can't wait until Easter Vigil! All the puzzle pieces fit now and I don't have to listen to that infernal constant arguing among the Protestant sects! Thanks be to God!Blessings and peace to you, PatrickTeri

  3. Soutenus

    Maybe he is lonely . . . .

  4. Mary Rose

    I don't know, Patrick. This guy looks like a serious contender. ;-)I'm with Teri. He reminds me of Lucy's free advice stand. Too funny! You know, the guy could just join a Catholic message board and keep a whole lot warmer.BTW, I attended St. Patrick's yesterday at the 10:30 Mass. It was packed! I always enjoy seeing larger crowds around this time of year. Draw them home, Lord.

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