Leftist Blogs Gleeful Over Attack on Pope Benedict

In view of the widespread orgy of gloating among those who were delighted by the Christmas-Eve attack on the Pope at the start of midnight Mass in Saint Peters, I offer up to the Lord this scriptural prayer of encouragement for the Holy Father, that He would continue to protect and strengthen him in the face of his enemies:

May God “deliver you from the way of evil, from men of perverted speech, who forsake the paths of uprightness to walk in the ways of darkness, who rejoice in doing evil and delight in the perverseness of evil; men whose paths are crooked, and who are devious in their ways” (Proverbs 2:12-15).

Conservative columnist Theodore Kettle comments on the shameful display of glee in some circles about the attack on the pope:

It was only minutes after Pope Benedict XVI was violently attacked on Christmas Eve by a woman described by authorities as mentally deranged, but leftist blogs lit up with joy over the assault.

The Daily Kos’s “Late Afternoon/Early Evening Open Thread,” for example, featured this posting at 8:10 PM Eastern Time: “Having just about enough of this male dominance bull—t, one bold Italian woman ran up and knocked down the Pope and a Cardinal!”

The woman, Susanna Maiolo, 25, was actually Swiss-Italian, and while the Pontiff himself came out of the episode unhurt and able to complete his celebration of Midnight Mass, 87-year-old French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray was left with broken bones requiring hip replacement surgery.

The comments that soon appeared on blogs known to be critical of the social teachings of the Catholic Church were so harsh that even fellow bloggers of similar ideological bent were outraged.

In a Dec. 26 a Daily Kos article entitled “Anti-Catholicism,” a “former Republican” Catholic woman and “forester/biologist” from the Deep South wrote, “I logged onto HuffingtonPost.com and read about the Pope getting knocked over by a mentally disturbed woman.

While several people pointed out the Pope’s age and how this could have easily resulted in a broken hip, many more rejoiced in the event.” One blogger’s “attack on Catholicism and Catholics was met with near universal approval within the HuffingtonPost community.”

She added, “I have read numerous, nearly identical comments and posts at Daily Kos.”

A number of HuffPost bloggers were also amazed at the venom of some of the responses, like one woman who observed, “This incident with the Pope has brought lots of Christmas cheer to the HP community. Wow.” . . . (continue reading)


  1. Raulito

    This is but another support for my believing that Protestantism is no longer the Church's biggest enemy. Protestantism is dying. It is no longer a threat. As the 'new atheist' and secular humanism philosophic movements continue to rise and become ever more militant, Protestantism becomes ever more irrelevant. It is here that our mission ground resides. Let us pray that we can meet the challenge of this new generation of unbeliever or 'practical atheist', if you prefer.

  2. iaudugo

    Indeed protestantism has lead to this atheistic mentality. Once you break the dam and say you don't need a Church and a Magisterium to understand the world, then it turns into you don't even need a Bible, then it devolves into, you don't even need a God (i.e. the so called "Enlightenment era") to what we have now. What makes this secular atheism so pervasive is that it holds to no authority figure apart from science and the individual. Now even science is going out of the picture somewhat and you get the individual. Those HuffPost forums are crazy. I remember one poster saying something to the effect that it's incorrect to believe in God, religion, and Jesus Christ when the whole universe is controlled by these seven genius beings, what? Like Chesterton says, when people don't believe in God, they'll believe in anything.

  3. Linus

    Sounds like the " Brown Shirts " are being resurrected again. If you don't learn from the past you are bound to repeat the past. What these folks don't realize is that for them life has no meaning. They need to read Advent of the Heart by Alfred Delp. Of course, they won't. And since these times closely resemble Europe of the 30's – 40's it would be good for the faithful to read it too.

  4. joannis

    The Day of Judgment approaches faster than any human today reasonably expected it would; now each year exceeds former decades of moral and ethical decline. Contempt of God and His commandments are the last straw before His hand of wrath and fury descends. Do not blame Protestantism for the evil in the world; Catholic countries are not high on the immigrant's wish list. The Word is spoken by the mouth of the Lord; as Pope Benedict XVI has stated, neither he nor any one in the Church is above it, but must humbly follow that Word.

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