Radical Feminist Theologian Mary Daly Dead at 81

This just in from The National Catholic Reporter:

Feminist theologian Mary Daly died Jan. 3. She was a radical feminist philosopher, academic, and theologian who taught at Boston College for 33 years. Daly consented to retire from Boston College in 1999, after violating university policy by refusing to allow male students in her Women’s Studies classroom.

May the good Lord have mercy on her soul. Let’s all remember her in our prayers. Many of you know about her and her legacy. For those who do not, you can read more about her here and here.

I note without further comment that, at her particular judgment, she was judged by a Man.


  1. dianonymous

    Of course, her advocate with that Man was a Woman. 🙂

  2. moditters

    Yikes. I got both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the same places she did.

  3. Matt Korger

    What ever happened to the dinosaurs…

  4. Christina Martin

    If you mean Mary, she still is one. :)On the other hand, I thought the Advocate was the Holy Spirit.An aside: Patrick, I think your post was reasonable and charitable, but the first link was not.

  5. Patrick Madrid

    Thanks, Christina. But please understand that the first link, which you said is uncharitable, was Mary Daly's personal website! She wrote that description of herself (self-deprecatingly, I am sure), not someone else.

  6. Ann

    The Blessed Mother would only have been her advocate if asked or welcomed. I wonder what the odds are that Ms. Daly requested Mary's aid.

  7. N/A

    Let's all pray for her but hope nobody like her teaches at BC ever again. Maybe now it'll be a Catholic school!

  8. Phil BC

    A slightly different take on Mary Daly (also by a man!) here.

  9. Patrick

    Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

  10. Christina Martin

    Thanks for the clarification, Patrick! Oh my goodness.

  11. Patrick Madrid

    Please note, everyone reading this blog, that I only post under my full name: Patrick Madrid. From time to time, someone with the same first name as mine will post here, and since that has been a source of confusion in the past, with people assuming that I had made posts which I didn't, I just wanted to clarify that issue to avoid any confusion. Again, I only post under my full name. Thanks.

  12. Patrick

    Sorry, I'm normally more aware of things like that, perhaps because it isn't a very common name.Patrick J.

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