Calvinists are swarming over on Free Republic

Things are getting a little fidgety over in Calvinland, at least within the Sovereign Calvinist embassy to Free Republic. The Great Reformed Ping List is underway again, complete with some obligatory tub-thumping and chest-beating about their enemies’ “anthropomorphic rantings” and how their solas are being “mightily assailed,” etc., etc.

It’s kind of fun to watch (bad Latin grammar and all), but still, it’s sad to see good people become so hopelessly entangled in the errors of the Calvinist religious system (some of which are quite ably refuted here, here, and here).

Exurge, Calvinisti, et judica causam tuam…

Arise (some older mss still read ‘Swarm‘), O Calvinists, and plead your cause. The doctrines of grace are mightily assailed by those who would proclaim with their father, “I will be like the Most High.” Set forth the biblical case for a sovereign God who is jealous for His glory. Disallow through disputation (and lampooning when needed) the damnable errors of those who have refashioned the great sola doctrines into a salvation-helper gospel that exalts the fallen will of man.

From every corner, in every thread exalt the right of God to do whatsoever He pleaseth. Be not dismayed by persistent anthropocentric rantings. Blessed are you when they revile you for the sake of the truth. Happy are ye when the Servetus card is played and the strawmen are paraded before you for He who is enthroned in heaven reigns.


  1. Reformed and Renewed

    errors of the calvinistic religious system…oh you mean the one on inerrancy of the scriptures…or is it the one of Origianl Sin ( your St. augustine) or is I dont know latin, or your pope. and as far as I know, the catholic church still has an anthema out on all practicising protestants..So why the pot shot at calvinists ? You seem to be an educated man.

  2. Patrick Madrid

    Why thank you, Reformed. I'm not as educated as some, and more educated than others, but that aside, what you see as a pot shot is really more of an observation.As for the errors of the Calvinist religious system, just follow the links given in my post to see a few examples.

  3. Ismael

    As far as I know, dear Reformed, Calvinists (and other protestant denominations as well often) mostly do not even consider Catholics to be Christians, at best, and they think they are 'devil worshippers', at worst. On the other hand the Catholic Church recognizes all Christians (Calvinists included) as such and sees them as brothers in faith (a quick check on the Catholic Cathechism confirms that if you have any doubts)So it is quite an hypocrite position to criticize in this way the 'catholic's anathema' on heretical doctrines.After all anathemas were pronounced by the first councils as well against heretics, councils that are the foundation of the many protestants creeds as well.

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