Google is for Dhimmies

Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch shows how Google automatically offers viciously derrogatory search suggestions on phrases such as “Christianity is” (I also found it does the same for searches on “Catholicism is,” “Pope Benedict is,” and “the pope is”), but it does not do the same when someone searches “Islam is.” In fact, as Robert points out, type in “Islam is” and Google suggests . . . nothing at all.

Draw your own conclusions.


  1. son of Adam

    It does the same with other religions, just not Islam. HHHMM, who runs Google, and where are their charitable donations going to? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Aristotle

    "Buddhism is", "Judaism is", and "Atheism is" get the auto-complete treatment as well.Here are some interesting "Google Is" suggestions:google is watching yougoogle is your friendgoogle is making us stupidgoogle is the devil(I used my Google Account to sign in, by the way.)

  3. Joseph

    To be honest, I can see why those suggestions might come up for 'Christianity is' or 'Catholicism is' – the words which follow are simply (sadly) the most common terms to follow '[whatever] is' in all the web pages Google has indexed. That's how it works, and that is why the suggestions are *usually* useful.What is actually interesting is that Google disables this for 'Islam is'.

  4. Darren

    Take a look at "jihad is."

  5. fichtnerbass

    I thought the suggestions offered by Google were an artifact of what other people have searched for using the terms typed in – not suggestions from Goggle itself. So is the "islam is…" lack of results a function of something google is doing or are there no searches like that being done?

  6. Ron

    Interesting. I searched "Barack Obama is" and "Atheism is" with the same negative results. There is definitely something fishy with the complete lack of search suggestions for Islam.

  7. Aggie

    I have a friend who works at google. I'll check with her about this, Patrick. Very weird.

  8. Joseph

    Oops – as fichtnerbass has said the suggestions come from other peoples' searches, not the content of web pages.

  9. Raulito

    Bing appears to treat Islam less kindly…

  10. Severinus Boethius

    Well, not to spoil the amazing implications that Google is the Anti-Christ Muslim power machine, but fichtnerbass is correct.The results seen at the bottom are not Google's suggestions, they are what people have typed into the search bar most frequently.This can be illustrated with "why wont my parakeet…".The simple truth is that people intentionally set up bots (automated computers programs) to continually search topics that they want to appear in the results.

  11. Ismael

    I guess many internet users and pages are focused on bashing Christianity.They all offer the same (mostly very ignorant) reasons and 'copy-paste' from each other."Atheism is" gets also mostly negative responses…. LOLIt's the trendo of today's people spirituality: Religion Lite: it's ok to believe, as long as it is not organized and it is politically correct 😛

  12. milhon1

    "mohammed is…" will give you some winners

  13. Patrick Madrid

    Just to be clear, the point I was making in this post is not that the suggestions are user-generated (they obviously are), but that Google has that feature disabled for "Islam is." That's the point.

  14. Howard

    This is a variation on Google-bombing. They don't like this kind of manipulation, but it's really impossible to stop in all its variations. They may have pulled the plug on "Islam is", but insulting completions still exist for "Mohammed is" and even for "Allah is".

  15. M A Pichowsky

    Another interesting observation is that Google also suppresses suggestions for "Muslims are", as well as "Christians are" and "Jews are". Clearly, this is, as Howard suggests, an attempt to stop users from Google-bombing their search engine and load it with hate speech.However, as Patrick reminds us, the point is not that they suppress non-PC search suggestions, but rather that they specifically suppress those directed against Islam over those directed against other religions; this is indicative of their dhimmitude.

  16. Linus

    Of course Google founders and staff belong to the liberal elite ( that group of educated idiots who are constantly praised by the liberal media). But are they engaged in a plot? Pretty hard to believe. Google anything related to George Bush and you will get the same treatment. I think the most likely answer is that the flaming liberals are so full of hate they can't contain themselves. I will guarantee you that if they ever get fully entrenched in the seat of government it will go hard for any Christian or conservative. There is nothing so vile as the vileness of the left.

  17. okkttsk

    Having read all the comments, I have to agree with all being said. The only thing I feel after did the search–although off-topic–is that there are so many attacks on various groups. It seems the most is probably catholicism–so many negative websites out there. Sad.

  18. teapot562

    If they have treated Jesus badly, they will treat his followers badly as well. If they honored the false prophets, what else did you expect?

  19. teapot562

    If they persecuted Jesus, they will persecute his followers. If they honored the false prophets, they will honor others who flatter them instead of telling truth. Why are we surprised?

  20. Ismael

    Google is not exactly on the side of the truth or even free speech… see for reference 'Chinese Google' 😛

  21. curiousknowhow

    God bless! In Singapore, our Nation's Constitution enshrines many "wonderful" financial benefits for the Muslims and particularly for the Malays who are predominantly Muslims. This is bcos of very small Singapore Island(we were called the little red dot by a late Indonesian President) and we are surrounded by Muslim nations: Indonesia, East and West Malaysia, Brunei.In Singapore, we are fortunate that we can evangelise Malay Muslims provided we have their permissions to share our faith with them. There is a strict law against religious extremism, etc. Recently, a Christian couple promoting Chicks Publications' booklets against Islam and the Catholic Church was jailed for some years.

  22. Rachel B

    I totally got your point immediately, and of course had to try it myself. Wow. My only real thought is that they are trying to prevent lawsuits. But wow.

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