Killian Is Coming Home Soon, Very Soon

Here’s a snap of grandad visiting with the little man in the hospital preemie ward recently.

And here’s the wee lad, as of today. He’s rather a stout little fellow now, wouldn’t you say?

Praise be to God! He will be coming home soon. Thank you all for your many prayers on Killian’s behalf. May God reward you.

Killian Patrick, my 7th grandchild, the son of my son Timothy and his wife Nina, was born 3 months premature. Here are some previous updates.


  1. Sheila

    His cheeks are getting chubby! He's the poster child of the power of prayer. 🙂

  2. happycatholic

    Patrick,That picture of grandpa giving a kiss to grandson needs to be framed and put on your desk.Beautiful and moving pic showing love passing down from generation to generation.Thank you for sharing,happycatholic/twitter

  3. artyi

    beautiful Patrick

  4. Kaypt

    How wonderful! God be praised!

  5. Susan L

    Wonderful news, Patrick. Praise God.

  6. John Foresman

    You summed it up perfectly..Praise be to God!

  7. Carmen

    So beautiful! Praise God!

  8. catholicposts

    Chubby Cheeks + Preemy Baby = Many Answered Prayers

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