Lamb born with a human-like face?

Is this a hoax? If not, could it be merely a natural (unnatural) anomaly, or could there have been some kind of vile attempt at human/animal genetic engineering that was responsible for this? If any of you are geneticists or veterinarians, feel free to shed some scientific light on this for us.


  1. artyi

    not real Patrick it a joke it has to be no one in their right mind would do this or would they !!!!!!!1

  2. Adele

    It could easily be a photoshopped picture Patrick. Here's a link on why human eggs could not be fertilized by animal sperm: (I tried to cut and past e it but it won't work). Do a search for "Could an animal egg fertilized by a human sperm live". Interesting answer.

  3. St. Michael the Archangel

    Sadly in the world in which we live.. I would say this is most likely genetic freak show on display. Strangely it has the same smile as Obama.. I do see a few resemblances..

  4. c.e.strong

    the lamb was born by cesarian and was dead at birth. experts are saying that the abnormalities are due to a lack of vitamins while in the womb which caused the lambs face to not form properly

  5. Tracy


  6. kolbecop

    I have eight lamb chops in the freezer. Now I don't know what to do with them.

  7. Ben

    Creeeeepy. Yikes. Not saying it is, but when you zoom in, it (kinda) has a ragged edge around the head … meaning … It **could** have been photoshop-ed.

  8. Jeevan

    That's a hoax! It resembles a 3D digital face and texture applied to it. The expression of smile is too cheesy to be true.

  9. Dymphna

    "St. Michael," I am NOT an Obama supporter, but that comment is, IMO, over the top.

  10. Virtue Media

    I'm sure it's a hoax. But if it wasn't it would certainly be an abomination which I would call "The Lamb of Man".

  11. James

    My guess is a hoax. I find it hard to believe that someone has enough genetic recombination technology to give the sheep so many human genes. It seems to me that the "low vitamin" theory is ridiculous. The malformation wouldn't occur at only the head, but the entire body.

  12. smc_henderson

    Pregnant ewes produce lambs with facial anomalies when WESTERN FALSE HELLABORE is ingested during pregancy.

  13. Nick

    He's happy 🙂

  14. Jefffix

    it's a fake if you notice the lamb is just born… yet the face is the face of an adult and not a baby.

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