So You Want to Be a Bass Player?

One of my favorite bands in the early 80s was Haircut 100. And one of my favorite Haircut 100 songs was “Love Plus One.” As a bass player myself (once upon a time), I spent a lot of time studying and trying to learn how to play the rather complicated bassline to this tasty song, and I was delighted when, awhile back, I ran across this video tutorial by Zuma, a very proficient bassist, who splains how to play this one. As you’ll see, it’s complicated but a lot of fun. And if you like this, you will probably also like Zuma’s tutorials on some delectable Duran Duran and Kajagoogoo 4-string goodness. Enjoy!


  1. Aussie Therese

    my hubby was the bass player for a band when I first met him. I was most impressed that he was able to listen to a song a few times, pick up the bassline and learn it without sheet music.

  2. Rochelle

    I can't say that I ever wanted to be a bass player, but there was a time when I definitely wanted to MARRY a bass player: Paul McCartney!

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