“It Was Beautiful to Watch.” Michael Savage Describes the San Francisco Walk for Life

And he takes the mainstream media outlets to task for their obstinate refusal to notice, much less cover, this major event that drew tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators to march in the streets of San Francisco.

Check out his comments, and also take a look at this extensive photo montage of last year’s West Coast Walk for Life. The pictures tell the real story. Spread the word. Get involved.


  1. Linus

    Oh Patrick, you are really in trouble now. No one is supposed to notice that old Doc. Savage is pro-life ( he makes some exceptions ). And didn't you know that polite folks are supposed to ignore the old neanderthal.

  2. Sarah Harkins

    I love Micheal Savage! He'll come around some day. When I heard him speak about one of Pope John Paul II's speeches, I knew'd be a Catholic some day. His heart's in the right place- now his head needs to catch up. It is sad that the prolife marches are never covered- not even in D.C.

  3. Rhea

    This might be old but I saw the signs of the prochoicers and they are the ones who will scream til they are blue in the face that the term pro-abortion doesn't exist. They are lying or deceived. I read those signs and they were swearing in them, they said hateful things and used vulgar language.The term pro-abortion should apply to ALL pro-choicers sorry this is absolute proof in my eyes.

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