1. JSullivan

    I think Obama is the most gullible president we've ever had. He's constantly falling for the "Your shoe lace is untied" gag.

  2. Tony de New York

    Who is she?

  3. SAHMinIL

    I'm not a politically savvy as I should be… Who is that he's shaking hands with? (I mean bowing too?)

  4. Tim Burke

    She is the mayor of Tampa.

  5. Christina

    Yes…hmm…well this dispels the idea that he's bowing to foreign powers to show America's surrender.

  6. EegahInc

    Unless, of course, we're surrendering to Tampa now. Well, start small, they always say.

  7. Gina

    I just think he digs her shoes.

  8. Rick

    He tries to be culturally sensitive. Howevever, he was not advised that Americans of Asian origin are Americans not Asians. He has goodwill but bad sense. His protocol advisers need to be replaced before he does something really embarassing like burp loudly while dining with Arab Americans.

  9. freeakura

    But why?…Perhaps to disarm anyone with this subtle display of humility.

  10. Rachel

    Stupidity in such a high office is not humility.

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