1. Tomnibus

    I'm just trying to get them to stop destroying school property and respecting their elders. That's the hard stuff right now for me!

  2. Rick

    In addition to that, there is also the Catholic Dads Online where one can contribute experiences and ideas in a community blogsite.The URL is http://www.catholicdadsonline.org/

  3. Admonsta

    I am one of four children, and the only one to remain a praticing Catholic. Now, with five children of my own, I'm really scared that the same will happen with them. They are still young, but I am a long way from perfect. Thank you Patrick for your radio program as well as your invaluable information. I find that my daughter listens to EWTN with me, and that brings up quite a few topics that might not otherwise be discussed. I'll keep struggling with my humanity, and pray that they will remain in the faith. Please could you pray for my husband, who is considering becoming Catholic?

  4. vlnd

    Mr. Madrid: Interesting interview. You have an uphill battle. See the recently published book "Life Happens. How Catholic Baby Boomers Coped with a Changing World" (details at http://www.annlo.com). In interviews with 64 members of the Class of 1966 of Morris Catholic High School in Denville, NJ, only about one-third are still practicing Catholics even by the loosest definition of that term. And of the children of those classmates, only 10 percent are practicing Catholics today. Those members of the Class of 1966 look back and find great value in the education they received in Catholic school, but not many speak with regret about the fact that their children are not active in the faith. It's a significant challenge for the Catholic Church

  5. jayeverett

    Fathers for Good is great and should be taught more and more. People (especially men) are in favor of abortion as a tool preventing them from having responsibility for their actions. And by the way if you are not a practicing Catholic you are not a Catholic at all. Remember that Jesus Christ said "If you do not say that you know me then neither will I know you to the Father"…

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