1. StephenSpiteri

    Perhaps that was a subconscious reference to the "birth certificate" issue. 😉

  2. Patrick Madrid

    Perhaps it was.

  3. RC

    He's probably alluding to the tsunami from the quake in Chile. Any excuse to spend money is good enough for pols.

  4. Paul_Bennett

    Can't he say anything without a teleprompter? even if he was standing right in front of someone he needs a teleprompter just to have a normal conversation.If only there was a cartoon for that! 😀

  5. Patty Bonds

    That man is embarrassing.

  6. Esther G.

    Hawaii did have an earthquake a few years ago, maybe two. I couldn't tell from this snippet what Pres. O. was referring to though.

  7. Orange Blossom

    This man needs a lot of prayers.

  8. Anonymous

    Boy oh boy… if there IS an earthquake in Hawaii in the next little while, can you imagine the amount of people who will start considering him the Antichrist????? (prophetic slip of the tongue!!!)

  9. Patrick Madrid

    Interesting, Jim. I don't remember hearing about that. Thanks for the info.

  10. AJ

    Can earthquake be man-made?

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