Unsuspecting Medjugorje devotees misled by deceptive translation?

That’s the opinion of Medjugorje-watcher Diane Korzeniewski, who offers a line-by-line analysis of the original message of Archbishop Allessandro D’Errico, apostolic nuncio to Bosnia and Herzegovina, comparing it with a faulty translation of that message which was posted on a pro-Medjugorje website.
It takes only two sentences, mistranslated to include words not said by Archbishop Allessandro D’Errico when the Papal Nuncio addressed the people of Bosnia & Herzegovina with regards to the new Medjugorje commission, to change the meaning of what he was saying.

His Excellency would be disappointed to learn how a pair of sentences, made into one, came across to English speaking readers as a result of the fabrication that was made. . . . (Continue reading)


  1. Paul Baylis

    Response to Daniel:A new confused, peace-robbed, judgementalism-fueled person is born every day because of the efforts of anti-M campaigners. Unfortunately, the internet never sleeps. I've got plenty better things to do, but here goes (again).Daniel says:1) "The first "vision" occurred when Ivanka and Mirjan went out to smoke cigarettes …."How petty. These were quite modern kids, unlike the days of Fatima and Lourdes. Look, when Christ first met the apostles on the lake and called them, they were sinners, so much so that Peter asked Christ to look away from him. But, it would be unfair to seal that moment in a time capsule and make a judgement on Peter at the end of his life based on what Christ found when he first met him. Would you agree Daniel? Should we give the visionaries a chance to develop AFTER their encounter with the Virgin Mary?Daniel says:2) That early on the "children" said that the visions would end by July 4, 1981.Yes, this was an error by the visionaries. They admitted it and Mary admonished them for this. The media asked one of the visionaries how long the visions would last. They had no idea, so they guestimated that they would last as long as Fatima (I think it was Fatima). Media pressure on young children? Possibly. Evil little devils? Hardly. The Vatican wasn't taken in by this.Daniel says:"3) They had all been asked to write down the secrets they had received and put them in a sealed envelope…."Yes, mistake. However, thanks to the Lord's intervention, when Zanic gleefully took this news to the Vatican, rather than get the desired response, he was told to tone down his opposition. The Vatican wasn't buying. Ivan was caught between obedience to the Bishop and his promise to Our Lady. In the end, he compromised. Instead of writing the secrets, he invented the date of the promised sign, being sure that in six months it would have happened. Little did he know that the apparitions would last another 27 years!Ivan got the "hairy eyeball" from Mary too at his next apparition. A tearful Ivan told Slavko Barbaric that Our Lady was visibly angry with him and had reprimanded him sternly (source: The woman and the dragon. p.285: apparitions of Mary By David Michael Lindsey).Later, during Mirjana's birthday apparition on March 18, 1985, Our Lady apparently tried to put the Ivan affair behind her when she said "Ivan did not make a BIG mistake (emphasis mine). I've scolded him enough. It is not necessary to scold him any more." Daniel says:" . .Vicka: The Pope can say what he wants. I'm telling it as it is!"What we see here is one of the few small things that Zanic managed to glean through hours of tape interviews. He didn't get much to use against the visionaries. If the Vatican fell for the tricks of the local bishops during the Herzegovinian Affair, it could do so again. Luckily, the Vatican seems to have learned from their experiences in this region.So, if you are Vicka and you hear something directly from heaven and you are confronted on the issue, what do you say? Probably you'll say this: "The pope is entitled to pronounce whatever he wishes; I can only tell you what I have heard from heaven". I don't know exactly how it was translated, but I would suggest that's the gist of it. Remember, Vicka wasn't even into her teenage years. Her language was probably still rather childish and uncultured.ALL of these objections are from the most early days – some 28 years ago. Anti-M campaigners want to snapshot all the disarray of this "birth" time and overlook 28 years of development of these visionaries. You guys should meet Vicka TODAY if you ever get the chance.

  2. Daniel

    So in other words, all is true but all can be explained away.

  3. Vincenzo

    "Remember, Vicka wasn't even into her teenage years. Her language was probably still rather childish and uncultured."? According to her birth date which is shown on two pro-Medjugorje web sites, at the time of her first 'apparition' she was 16, about 2 months away from being 17. And the recorded interview occurred later, when she would have been 18 (according to one site.) http://sanctepater.blogspot.com/2010/03/medjugorje-is-fraud-video-evidence.html

  4. Daniel

    From the point of view of a pro-vision person then (Paul), the vision occurred to two thoroughly modern teenage girls out for a smoke which they tried to cover up from their parents by claiming to have been watching sheep and having a vision. Soon thereafter, they made up a story in which they said that the visions would soon end, and were scolded for it. Ivan made up a story in which he invented a date for a promised sign, and he was scolded for that. Vicka was merely insistently repeating what she was told to say, that despite the lack of permission two Franciscans should continue to hear confessions because Our Lady says so. Clear enough.

  5. Paul Baylis

    Vincenzo: You're right…sorry…my mistake. Vicka's the same age as me as it happens and I was thinking about how old I was in 1981 and for some reason I thought that was my last year of primary school, when it was actually my second-last year of high school.

  6. Paul Baylis

    Response to Daniel:Just like I, as a father, don't demonise my children for making mistakes and being imperfect, neither does the Vatican and neither did Mary. I'm not convinced that being imperfect and making mistakes should discount the validity of an apparition, or one might be tempted to justify invalidating the Catholic Church based on the imperfection of Peter and subsequent imperfections (to put it mildly) of numerous priests, bishops, cardinals and popes over 2 millenia. If we believed that, we'd all be protestants.

  7. Paul Baylis

    Response to Daniel:Well, thankfully the Vatican is more sensible and we don't have people like you on the judgement panel. Because if we are to be judged as we judge, then why shouldn't God just ignore everything good you've ever done, make a nice tidy collection of the worst of your past sins, say "This is your life", then send you into the fiery furnace.

  8. Daniel

    I was trying to establish what are agreed upon facts. You seem to agree. I take it that since you seem to be the editor of Marian Times, you are more aware of the facts than the average reader is. Some people when looking at the facts might feel that these "imperfections" make the "visions" less credible. Your occupation seems to require you to maintain their credibility.

  9. Paul Baylis

    I'm leaving it to the Vatican to decide whether visionary faux pax committed in 1981 constitute a false apparition.

  10. Ed Kelly

    Patrick Coffin refers to “the false apparitions at Garabandal” on his 3/26/10 and his 3/24/10 posts. He needs to inform the present Santander Bishop and the Garabandal pastor of this. It is now easy to do because the the parish in the little village now has a website. Although Bishop Eugenia Beitia issued a difinitively negative judgment about Garabandal on Oct. 7, 1962 he changed to the neutral stance of his predecessor in his statment of July 8, 1965. The Santander bishops havent issued a negative communication on Garabandal since 1970.

    On June 18th and July 2nd of last year, the pastor of Garabandal, with the full knowledge and support of the Santander Bishop, Vicente Zamora, celebrated the 50th anniversaries of the first reported apparitions of St. Michael and the Blessed Virgen Mary there with Masses. Fr Rolando Fuentes, who is also the archpriest (dean?) of the whole area of Val de San Vicente, at both Masses devoted his homilies to the reported apparitions, read a letter written by one of the “visionaries” at his request, and at the July 2 Mass sang a hymn of his own composition in honor of Our Lady’s reported appearances in Garabandal. Don Rolando regularly includes, “Reina de Garabandal” in the litany of Loreto when he leads it in the village church. I heard it for the first time in April 2007 and often since.

  11. Teresa Grodi

    Hello, Mr. Madrid!

    I came across this story when searching for this quote on Medjugorje and Archbishop Alessandro D’Errico and I exchanged a few emails about this particular statement. He said that the statement was originally given in Italian, but was only recorded in the media in Croatian. The Italian that is now circulating is not the original, but a translation from the Croatian-translation of the original Italian….phew!!

    I hope this helps!

  12. We are Everywhere!

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