“Doing a Stupak” (A new phrase has been coined)

I had to share this one with you.

A Facebook friend named Steve posted the following comment in response to Kathryn Jean Lopez’s article about the recent unpleasantness involving the politician B. Stupak.

Who wouldda thought Stupak would get sold out by… Stupak?

“Today a new phrase is coined in the American political lexicon: “Doing a Stupak“, meaning taking an apparently principled stand against a proposal, only to sell out at the last minute on some cheap assurance that it’s no big deal.”


  1. Anonymous

    a) Write an email to Stupak telling him you will contribute to his opponent, even if it's $10. b) Write the check and send it c) write his Bishop and ask him to move toward a ban from Holy Communion for this plastic politician. d) pray that Almighty God will forgive this person his egregious sin because it is unlikely he will go to confession.I have done all of the above. Unless we turn these prostitutes out it will continue

  2. Anonymous

    Stupak is as Stupak does.

  3. Patrick Madrid

    Perhaps Letterman will soon be featuring "Stupak Pet Tricks" on his show.

  4. Anonymous

    I'd buy a shirt that says:"I'm NOT with Stupak!"

  5. PLD Consulting

    I think maybe it's time for the Bishops to adhere to the part of: "who's sins you retained are retained" or maybe they should have conferred this to them before they voted. To harsh?

  6. Snow

    ok some one educate me who is Stupak and what did he do? yup im clueless..

  7. Susan L

    Stupak is the congressman who was supposedly a pro-life Democrat. He and his merry crew of 12 blue-dog Democrats were going to vote AGAINST the health-care bill because it included federal money for abortion. At the last minute they changed their minds and voted FOR it because Obama promised them an executive order removing federally funded abortion. There are legal problems with the executive order and it can be rescinded on a dime. Stupak's decision to "believe" Obama and vote last minute FOR the bill is what has every pro-life person (including the Bishops) in an uproar. Oh, and does anybody remember what goodies were promised Stupak for his vote? I know that he got something but I can't remember what it was.This guy is supposedly Catholic. A Catholic man who said that the Pope doesn't control Catholic lawmakers. So I guess his belief means nothing. http://www.washingtontimes.com/weblogs/watercooler/2010/mar/24/stupak-pope-doesnt-control-catholic-lawmakers/

  8. Steven

    Patrick, I know this is unrelated to the post, but a while back you had a reminder on the blog to "Pray for the Pope." I think now would be an excellent time to remind readers once again that the Holy Father needs the prayers of his flock. Sts. Peter, Anacletus, Linus, Clement, and all the holy Bishops of Rome, pray for us!

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