Ecclesiastical Humor: Not everyone is happy about Archbishop Gomez’s Appointment to LA

You know this would come out, sooner or later. It seems to be an axiomatic law of the universe that a Hitler diatribe video must be made as a comedic subtext for any significant event. Whoever put this one together has a razor-sharp sense of humor. It’s an example of Steve Martin’s dictum that “Comedy is not pretty.” No, it surely isn’t, especially when it comes to Church politics.


  1. Anonymous

    Patrick, it is sad that the "What I think, Catholic Church teachings" is so wide spread. Where Church teachings (scripture and the CCC) are not even used in most RCIA or RCIC programs in LA. When the faithful who ask why, are shunned and persecuted for following the true teachings of the Church. May the Archbishop be blessed, strong and bold, in his leadership of our Church, including many of our fellow hispanics who "worship" images and statues of Mary. We all must pray for those that are so free in "their" teachings of Catholicism, that they continue to keep the love side of their teachings, get rid of their "I interpret that as…" pride, and allow the thousands of years of the Holy Spirit guidance to be… Truth.

  2. Badger Catholic

    LOL! (these never get old)

  3. Patty Bonds

    Wow! Perfect!

  4. Jim

    This video has a number of references that required a bit of research due to my ignorance of words, phrases, and names. I offer the results of this research with added links to photos of the $200 million LA Cathedral and two controversial programs associated with the LA Diocese.—References:—Über –—"terna of candidates" –—Los Angeles Catholic Cathedral –—Gather Faithfully Together –—Lay Pastoral Associate Program –—Kicanas:—Brown:—Gabino:

  5. ecclesiaprimus

    Good this one too…

  6. Anonymous

    I think this is hilarious! I love the reference to "Even Barnes in San Bernardino isn't safe"!

  7. Gillibrand

    The Nazis in real life were nothing if not enthusiastic ecumenists- especially Goering!

  8. Anonymous

    LOL. I for one am excited. Maybe we will actually get our Holy Days of Obligation back and not have to deal with the dancing incence altar "girl" (In quotes because she is older than I am) anymore. My husband and I were just confirmed at Easter Vigil this year, but we were the "weird" family in our class because we had actually read the Catechism. (How dare we want to understand what being Catholic actually means).

  9. Matthew

    That was funny!!! I am going to miss Archbishop Gomez. He is a good man. L.A. Get ready for some waking up, you need it. Patrick you ROCK.

  10. Anonymous

    What's wrong with permanent deacons? We have two at our Cathedral in Lubbock.

  11. Colin Pasqualetto

    Despite my personal disagreement and criticism of progressive Catholicism, I think that this video is of exceptionally bad taste. For the amount of time that was spent making it, it would of been time better spent offering up prayers for the very people it takes a swipe at. Calumniating Bishop Barnes of San Bernardino was no better than recent attacks against the Holy Father in the NYT and other secular media. Charity and Piety need to be reevaluated here. I expected better from a man of Patrick Madrid's credentials, than for him to help proliferate this. I have a sense of humor, but using a film about Adolf Hitler to help make fun of Catholic Bishops was also uncalled for.

  12. Marcella

    This rocks. Now it's our turn.

  13. Anonymous

    Oh, this is TOO FUNNY!!! Yes, even Catholics have a sense of humor!!!

  14. Ken

    He's from Opus Dei, for God's sake!!

  15. Anonymous

    Permanent (lay) deacons do not have the faculty of giving absolutions to the penitent. They cannot consecrate the unleaven bread and wine into the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus.

  16. Anonymous

    Permanant deacons aren't "lay". And No, they can't consecrate, or absolve. Who said they could?(Mahony? Lord I hope not). My only issue with P-D's ( full disclosure: I'm in formation to become one. So I'm anonymous, big whoop) is that many or most are from the "Spirit of V-2" generation with all that entails, and that many have had lousy training becuase of weak and ad-hoc diocesan formation programs. At least in my diocese we have orthodox P-D's, with more on the way.

  17. Anonymous

    I agree with the above post. Criticize liberal "Catholic" practices, but he attacks on bishops are in bad taste.

  18. Joyful Catholics

    At the risk of sounding like a real techno idiot, but believing there's no such thing as a stupid question (unless I'm breaking ground here, and if so, please be gentle) is there a way to enlarge the video? I'm able to on YouTube ones, but I don't see the same thing to click on "Blogger."

  19. Anonymous

    Unfortunately the words come and go a little too fast on this one.

  20. Anonymous

    In Firefox, hit ALT+V,Z,T . Then CTRL++ or CTRL+- to change the size of text AND images.

  21. Anonymous

    "Bad taste…calumniating…charity and piety…uncalled for…attacks on bishops…bad taste"Please, let's not overreact here. What some consider to be calumnious attacks on bishops in bad taste, others consider to be merely humorous satire, used rather well in this case, to make a point, however uncomfortable a point it may be for some.

  22. Anonymous

    For it to be calumny, it has to be false and intended to mislead. Given that this is obviously satire, I would suggest to those who view this a calumny to chill out.

  23. AdamTrek

    Hitler's never been funnier!

  24. Anonymous

    Calumny is making a false statement with malicious intent… If these statments were false it wouldn't be funny. It would just be malicious and mean… Yet when you have serious problems with the Church it is good to sometimes lighten up the mood with a bit of humor. We have some serious problems here in California and this video is quite truthful in its portayal of the problems.God Bless

  25. Colin Pasqualetto

    Why don't we ask Archbishop Gomez if this is funny? Saying what is said or implied against my Bishop Barnes, my Bishop here in the Diocese of San Bernardino, is in this case meant to be malicious, mean, and unless you know him personally, a false accusation. He is a good man with a tough job and does not deserve to be parodied in this fashion, nor maligned as some sort of progressivist liberal tyrant. Only his peers are qualified to judge him as such. Let's be open about this and not "Anonymous," as some of you choose to be. As a military veteran and faithful Catholic, I don't chill out when I see cowardly behavior such as this and refuse to be "Anonymous." Respect the sacrament of Holy Orders! This kind of behavior deserves much fraternal correction and criticism, especially when it's posted on a blog by someone who is invited to speak at parishes for a fee. Perhaps the Faithful's money could be better spent somewhere else. I intend to discuss this with various offices throughout the Los Angeles province. I have a problem with someone financially profiting off of the Church during these tough economic times, especially if they're going to use the internet to help bash Catholic Bishops. If you want satire that bashes anyone in the Catholic Church, then tune in to Bill Maher, who has publicly admitted his hatred for the Church. Right now, I don't see a difference between this and anything that Bill Maher would do, other than the purpose. Maybe I'll chill out if Patrick puts a another post on this blog in which he apologizes for proliferating this video that provides absolutely no benefit to Holy Mother Church.

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