1. Anonymous

    All your base are belong to us.Dr. Eric

  2. iPadre

    I was going to say, that's why I like the country side, but Not! Cool video! It may happen just like that. lol

  3. Ismael

    Hahah! Priceless!

  4. CALOi

    Digital media is everywhere. Most of our memories are kept in digital media nowadays and it would be easy to erase them all. The video tells us that our digital lives will eventually consume us and that we will be eventually reduced to a single pixel. But a pixel is virtual and it could be lost without electricity. God is still our reality because His love and His mercy endure forever even when we no longer inhabit the earth.

  5. Patty Bonds

    Woops! They cancelled your video. I guess I shouldn't have put off watching it.

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