Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene

Ol’ Gene Robinson is at it again. This time, he’s hectoring Pope Benedict XVI about sex, or more specifically, homosexual sex, something Gene knows a thing or two about, dontchyaknow.

I’m not sure why, exactly, but the refrain from the Monkee’s song, “Daydream Believer,” just popped right into my mind when I started reading the following story from
“Cheer up, sleepy Gene Jean.
Oh, what can it mean
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen?”
Anyway, here’s the article. Get a load of this:
Bishop Gene Robinson, the openly gay Episcopal bishop whose 2003 ordination threatened to tear apart the Global Anglican Communion, has published an open letter to Pope Benedict XVI, in which he advises the pope regarding how to reform the Church and denies any connection between homosexuality and the Church abuse crisis.

In his letter Robinson recalls how the Episcopal Church became aware of the sexual abuse of minors in its ranks twenty years ago in the United States, and relates in detail how his Church dealt with the problem. “Rather than refusing to acknowledge our transgressions,” he says, “we sought to change our church’s culture.”

Nevertheless, he also says, “I would not presume to instruct you. That would be arrogant. Nor would I impose upon you advice you’ve not sought.”

Robinson commends the pope’s letter to the faithful in Ireland and his meeting with victims of abuse in Malta as “a good start.” But he also goes on to make the more controversial point that it is merely a “thoroughly debunked myth” that connects homosexuality with pedophilia and child abuse.

“I believe it is misguided and wrong for gay men to be scapegoated in this scandal,” he says. “In the media, representatives of and advocates for the Roman Catholic Church have laid blame for sexual abuse at the feet of gay priests.”

Robinson’s remarks were most likely directed at Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State of the Vatican, who had stated earlier this year that, “Many psychologists, many psychiatrists, have demonstrated that there is no relationship between celibacy and pedophilia.”

“But many others have demonstrated, and have told me recently, that there is a relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia,” he continued. “That is the truth, this is the problem.” Bertone’s contentions appear to be supported by the fact that studies of clerical sex abuse have found that the vast majority of such abuse is homosexual in nature.

According to the John Jay Report, a report commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and issued in 2004, 81% of the victims of priestly sexual abuse were male. A 2002 study conducted by USA Today in 2002 similarly found that 91% of allegations against priests involved male victims.

One step that the Church has taken in addressing the abuse crisis has been to reiterate the requirement that men with deep-seated homosexual tendencies must not be admitted to the seminary or the priesthood.

The cardinal’s remarks have also sparked a re-analysis of the data in reference to homosexuality and pedophilia. A lengthy paperissued last month by Brian Clowes of Human Life International cites multiple studies showing that homosexuality is far higher among pedophiles than among the rest of the population. “Celibacy is not the root of the problem,” Clowes claims. “Homosexuality is.”

Robinson, however, says that “every reputable scientific study shows that homosexuals are no more or less likely to be child-abusers than heterosexuals. Psychologically healthy homosexual men are no more drawn to little boys than psychologically heterosexual men are drawn to little girls.”

He also takes direct aim at Church requirements barring homosexuals from the priesthood. “Homosexual priests have faithfully and responsibly served God throughout Catholic history,” he says. “To scapegoat them and deprive them of their pulpits is a tragedy for the people they serve and for the church. Yours is a problem of abuse, not sexual orientation.” (source)


  1. Anonymous

    as I'm reading Gene's comments all I can think is "well that's gay…" hahahaha

  2. Ian

    Isn't this an oxymoron? "Psychologically healthy homosexual men"

  3. Susan L

    Awww, don't spoil a good Monkees song."And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson" is so much better.

  4. Andyb

    What a sad, Sad, man that homosexual Anglican bishop is. He has no idea what or even who created the Christian faith. He has no idea why he is a bishop. We must pray for this man.

  5. helgothjb

    Sure, and the Monkeys performed their own music!

  6. maxtiger

    does Gene often think about the feet of gay priests? throwing a fetish in for good luck?

  7. nazareth priest

    Who is this guy to be writing an "open letter" to our Holy Father about the abuse of minors…?Barf.I'm sorry, forgive me, Lord Jesus, and all of you, but as a priest and a religious of the Catholic Church I find this absolutely horrendous.Gay sex is about conquest, predation and the "worship" of the young. He can talk all he wants about the injustice; what about young men who are used, abused, discarded when they begin to age?…involved in all kinds of vile acts that disrespect their dignity; not to mention the acceptance of these acts as not only normal but "God-given". This is just vomitous…(re: "The Princess Bride").You've got it right, Mr Patrick."Daydreams" hits it on its head.This bunch is hypocritical, evil and advocating "abundantium malitiae" (all kinds of naughtiness…from the Epistle in the Extr. Forma for this last Sunday–James 1, 17-21).Take your self-righteous zeal, Gene Robinson, and direct it at the evil that is an abomination against God and His Law.Otherwise, shut the h*** up.Sorry.My "Irish" was too hard to control here.

  8. Anonymous

    Now I really have seen everything. I thought last week's _Small Wars Journal_ comparison between COIN strategy and Beyonce's "Single Ladies" was the pinnacle. Obviously I was sssoooo wrong. This would be funny if it weren't for the fact that so many will take Robinson seriously. Meanwhile the (holy yet still human) man who's actually DOING SOMETHING RIGHT receives little recognition. Deliver us, O Lord….

  9. Raymond

    Please God don't let this pitiful pervert get news coverage when he is out of Rehab. Although not dangerous to any but himself, having put the final nail in his "church", he really does give adulthood a bad name. God bless even Vicky Gene. Raybo

  10. Anonymous

    I understand the average age was 15. Look at the average 15 year old male and tell us whether he is physically a child or a young man.

  11. Theo

    "Pedophilia" is probably not the precise word. Pederasty is. If the average is 15, then half were younger. The average 15-yr-old is still only a boy, barely shaving. A boy that is functionally practically a man but still only a boy. The perfect age for pederasty, it would seem. Why wasn't the average age 18 or 19? Why so many younger? Anonymous, you can try to make it look like it's not as bad as it is, but the fact remains, those troublesome priests preyed on underage boys, not men.

  12. Green

    Facts are the product that has emerged from the priest abuse scandal. Facts are that over 75% of the abuse was male priests going after post pubescent boys 12-17. That is homosexuals with the attraction for "twinks". I note that Robinson states no proof of gays and pedaphilia which could well be true. Google search of twinks shows that the attraction of homosexuals to boys is far from rare. Until you identify a problem, you will never solve it. The Jay report layed out the problem and the vatican demanded a purge of seminaries of those with gay inclinations or those who support the lifestyle. Abuse has fallen dramatically and will continue to do so as long as bishops demand that the actual teaching of the Catholic Church is followed.

  13. bellator_animus

    It never cease to amaze me how these episcopal 'clergy' consider themsleves equal to the holy father…It is as if, I, a theology student, saw myself as an equal to the great St. Augustine! Homosexuality is against the laws nature, especially against man's rational nature. What's so difficult to understand?

  14. Anonymous

    I don't see how you can say that homosexuality is the problem here. I mean obviously the problem is pedophilia, and pedophilia does not equal homosexuality and homosexuality does not equal pedophilia. If someone is sexually attracted to kids and acts on that attraction lets call it for what it is, namely, pedophilia, not homosexuality. The Church needs to take responsibility for its mistakes and mishandling of pedophilia and stop blaming homosexuals.

  15. Anonymous

    Men with liberal, homosexual and womanizing tendencies must not be admitted to the seminary or the priesthood.

  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous above, the problem here IS tied to homosexuality. 81% of the victims have been male and over 75% were between the ages of 11-17. That is to say a majority of the victims were post-pubescent males. That's not coincidence.You must remember that pedophilia refers specifically to adults sexually attracted to prepubescent children. Abuse of post-pubescent youth is heinous – but it is not the same as pedophilia. Abuse is abuse, don't get me wrong, I'm not giving anyone a free pass here. But when most of the cases involved post-pubescent teen boys, that's not pedophilia. It is sexual abuse and should not be swept under the rug, but it is not pedophilia. And it does indicate a connection to homosexuality.

  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous, I wasn't aware of those statistics. Where did you get them from?If those statistics are right and true then what we have here is not a problem of pedophilia but of ephebophilia, which is the sexual preference for mid to late adolescent kids. Are all homosexuals ephebophiliacs…no, are all ephebophiliacs homosexuals…no. Still, its a problem, and I'm not sure simply scapegoating and persecuting homosexuals is the answer. The problem is not with homosexuals as is, its with homosexuals who not only are attracted to adolescents, but specifically, act on these attractions. Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are plenty, and i mean plenty of homosexual priest now who remain celibate and not attracted to adolescents who make fine priest. Why should they be punished and hunted down because other priest can't keep their attractions under control.

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