Would you like to reach out to those who have left the Catholic Church?

If you’re looking for a speaker for your parish or group who specializes in helping former Catholics come home, someone with many years of experience who can effectively teach other Catholics how to do the same, I can help. I’m currently scheduling parish and conference events through 2013. If you’re interested in arranging one for your parish or group, please contact me at 740-334-4394 or send me a seminar request. More info here.


  1. Catholic with Attitude

    do you ever give over seas talks?

  2. Anonymous

    Why don't you start with saying what a joke the Catholic Church is regarding annulments and how much it supports adultery, Mr Madrid?I am a former Catholic because the Catholic Church for twenty years has supported my wife's adultery, even though I defended our marriage in Rome's Rota.There is no home in the Catholic Church for me.You want to reach out to a man like me, then DEMAND that Benedict meet us/me face to face so we can tell him how lousy our clergy are and what a lousy job he is doing by merely talking about things rather than doing something, regarding marriage. He does not have the GUTS to me with me, face to face, and hear what I have seen and experienced.You are a blow hard, Mr. Madrid. I am not impressed with you.

  3. Patrick Madrid

    I don't care if you are impressed with me or not. Makes no difference. But I have to wonder why you hide behind "Anonymous" as your name. You talk tough about how Pope Benedict doesn't have the "GUTS" to meet you face to face, and yet you don't have the guts to use your own name. You come here to my blog to lash out at me with personal insults and yet you hide behind anonymity. That says a lot about you.

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