Catholic Radio (finally) arrives in Washington, D.C., in a big way

The EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network announced some big news this morning:
W-M-E-T 1160 AM is now on the air… serving our nation’s capital — Washington DC!

Congratulations to Len Oswald, Toya Hall, Doug Pearson and all involved with Guadalupe Radio to help make this happen!

Washington DC is the number 9 ranked radio market in the country, and with a powerful 50,000 watts, the station will be available to an estimated 5 million people throughout the DC metro.

This is a great victory for Our Lord and His Church…. A big, big welcome to all our new listeners now hearing EWTN Radio on Guadalupe Radio in Washington, DC — WMET 1160 AM!

This is big news. The station’s 50,000 watts daytime signal— a blowtorch — will completely blanket all of DC, and will extend into large parts of the surrounding states of Maryland, Virgina, and Pennsylvania. This is muy good news, amigos. Muy, muy good.

It will be very interesting to see how this new influx of robust, orthodox, aredently pro-life Catholic voices (Fr. Corapi, Scott Hahn, Catholic Answers Live, etc.) will be received by the locals, especially by those CINO types who infest the corridors of power in that town. (Take note, Nancy Pelosi!)

On a personal note, I’m particularly pleased by this new station going live today because my own EWTN radio show, the “Open Line” broadcast (Thursdays from 3-5 p.m. ET) will have its debut today, the same day the station debuts its new format of 24/7 Catholic programming. Hoo ha.

And the secular media has picked up on this story.


  1. Orange Blossom

    And is it ever needed THERE!!!

  2. SherryTex

    If you come to town, my husband and I will take you out to dinner provided you don't mind our 9 kids. On second thought, maybe we'll just invite you to come over and we'll grill and serve margaritas.

  3. Anonymous

    EWTN TV both cable and satellite, EWTN FM radio, Serus radio and short wave radio are miracles in themselves. And to think that Mother Angelica with $200 and no communications background started the whole thing by letting our Lord guide her.Please contribute to ewtn. Go to attribute EWTN programming for bringing my husband and I back to the Faith. We had been away for 25 years.

  4. bt

    Great news!

  5. Steven

    Actually it's needed on Capitol Hill too, but even so, it wouldn't do much good now for Congress. There is too much corruption and greed. For most (not all) up there God is not real or He is dead or He is a side issue and not to be lived. God have mercy on us.

  6. Sharon

    Saw this on Twitter today, and I found the station!! Hooray!! We're about an hour outside of DC, and the signal is a *little* spotty, but it was wonderful to hear Mother Angelica's voice on my car radio this morning! 🙂

  7. Theology Geek

    That's great. Now how do we get Catholic radio here in Vegas??? Sin City is 30% Catholic.

  8. Anonymous

    Woo Hoo! I love the guys who made this possible!

  9. Anonymous

    What about poor NYC,the capital of the world!We need Catholic Radio too!I wish I had 10 million to donate!

  10. Anonymous

    We are so proud of our Texans….spreading the Faith all the way to D.C.God Bless Toya, Len and Doug, and all the folks that made this possible.We love our Radio Guadalupe in Dallas,TX.God Bless Y'all.

  11. rich reamer

    i am enthusiastic and excited about a catholic station coming to DC – but come-on — an AM station??!! oh brother, i might as well send a short-wave receive to members of congress. AM is very outdate, unreliable, unrealistic.what can be done to get this on FM??!! there is already 3 protestant christian stations online on FM, so obviously those will be far more accessible and available to the radio audience.i want catholic radio on FM!!

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