1. Anonymous

    Pope Leo XIII was such a genius. I feel incredibly blessed to see video footage of a man I have so much respect for.

  2. Monica Marie

    Wow… This is the very Pope that St Thérèse de Lisieux went to see so she could enter Carmel at 15.God reward you, Mr Madrid!

  3. Anonymous

    The Holy Father crossed his legs! How unusual!Thank you, Mr Madrid.

  4. James

    This is a rare treat. Pope Leo XIII was an important pope who foresaw Americanism but was ignored. A minor point this might be video now but it is early motion picture film converted to video. Strictly speaking …

  5. Br. Timothy

    A great Pope of the Rosary!!! His Encyclical letters are masterpieces!

  6. Anonymous

    Leo XIII is the father of modern Catholic Social Justice.

  7. Anonymous

    Unimaginable footage!!!

  8. Anonymous

    He crossed his legs… he must have been a liberal

  9. Athanasius contra mundum

    I wonder if that was his voice.

  10. Anonymous

    wow. thanks for sharing!

  11. Alexander

    A brilliant man.Yes, was that his voice?I wish there was a video of St. Pius X…

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