What you see versus what you think you see

There are some fascinating optical illusions that play upon the mind’s tendency to impose things like motion on certain combinations of colors and shapes which are not, in fact, really moving. Look at the picture above, for example. Nothing in it is moving, but your eyes see it undulating and pulsating, don’t they? This is because your mind imposes movement where it really does not exist. Try as you might, isn’t it true that it is practically impossible to force that image to stop “moving,” even though you know it’s not?

This is reminiscent of another phenomenon in which some people think they see in Scripture teachings which simply are not there. Mormonism’s “Plurality of Gods” and “Total Apostasy” doctrines, and the common Protestant notion of “Sola Scripturacome mind as examples of this tendency.


  1. xsive_guy

    Awesome! I love optical contusions – these are great.

  2. Christina

    I can get that first image to slowly stop and "pause" in the motion, but only by focusing on a point slightly off-center and slightly "above" the image (as in closer to me).Those videos were cool, I wasn't expecting either one (especially the second since I saw the first video they did and thought I knew what was coming).

  3. Roland's Dad

    i Saw the gorilla but not the player or color change.

  4. Carol

    ok, for me, if i stair straight at the center (little white cross) on the top image it stops moving.

  5. siothrun

    Pat, did you somehow know that i'd just bought your mormon/catholic debate just a few days ago? i love it when these things happen. i bought it because i had a visit from a few elders and since i didn't know enough about mormons, i uh-huh'd my way through the conversation. they did talk about an apostasy and that there was a new prophet on the block. they might come back so i need to learn something quick. my problem is that some things they believe sound like what we believe but then they go off in a direction that seems a little odd. its tricky for me at the moment to know the difference sometimes. at any rate, thanks for providing the debate – it was really informative.

  6. Anonymous

    Why do you need someone to tell you how to detect the mormon "trickery"? What are you so afraid of? Doesn't the bible say "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.James 1:5?God isn't Catholic doctrine or Mormon doctrine, God is God and we all need a relationship with him. Good deeds, teachings to love one another, any beliefs that teach goodness, mercy, humility, faith are not trickery when they are espoused by mormons or catholics. They are good things. Mormons teach good things, Catholics teach good things. The world would be a better place if everyone taught and believed good things. What is the problem here?

  7. Michael

    @AnonymousGod is God…Mormons teach good things etc.While you have a point in principle, it would pay for you to study the Way of the Mormons.Ever heard of the Light Bringer? Light is light and all is good? Not if you know the difference…the Light Bringer in this case is "Lucifer".Doctrine…philosophy…read Colossians 2:8

  8. Tyler

    I went 21 years without ever seeing a similar "did you spot the gorilla/bear/animal" type demonstration, and then I see two different ones, from completely different sources, in a two day period. Weird.

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