1. Rose Marie

    this post made me cry uncontrollably…

  2. Anonymous

    This is a terrible poster.

  3. Margaret in Minnesota

    That's horrible.True, but horrible.

  4. Anonymous

    Definitely a chilling eye popper and sadly enough it's the truth.

  5. Maureen Harold

    Thanks, Pat–I just posted this to Facebook. Needless to say, it bears repeating…..and repeating….

  6. Anonymous

    I don't see the point past the intention to inflict terrible and destructive guilt. Perhaps the "artist" wasn't able to personify the society that tells mother's that abortion is an acceptable choice.

  7. Ismael

    Scary… funnny… true.

  8. chimakuni

    Anon @ 3 p.m. – "point past the intention to inflict terrible and destructive guilt."Where do you get that intention?The poster makes me sick to my stomach and the writing is horrible – abortion does bring out the kid in you…sadly, the 'kid' is dead.Too many women, when going in for an abortion have no idea what they are doing – really. They only know they are in a crisis and they need a solution and in their minds, the crisis is the pregnancy – not her situation. In reality, the crisis is the situation. To end the pregnancy never, ever solves the crisis.There is no guilt – in fact, isn't that what Planned Parenthood says? So – if there is no guilt, why do you think the artist's intention was one of terrible and destructive guilt? Remember – the mantra is … abortion good – no after effects – abortion good.

  9. A Catholic mother

    Terrible and destructive guilt? What about the child who was ripped from the womb? There can be no other valid emotion BUT guilt. Society doesn't tell us which choices are acceptable. Only our conscience can do that.

  10. Adele

    Unnecessary traumatizing of a baby! Why do evil to an innocent to show a truth. Whomever did it should just show an aborted baby. The evil is already done, just show the truth.

  11. Anonymous

    Really don't like this picture!

  12. Anonymous

    AdeleI'm Guessing the image was probably Photoshopped……..

  13. Greta

    This might be the view a baby sees of those so called pro life democrats. You know the ones that put Obama, the most pro abortion president in history and the one that gave those assurances to Stupak and the other pro-life?? democrats who caved on life with the healthcare bill. Maybe this should be run in their districts.

  14. Anonymous

    This is a horrible picture indeed!… Good! Got your attention right? And the text is just as disturbing, yet so very blantantly true. Ripped the living baby right out of you. You know, like a child trapped in a vehicle being ripped out limb by limb by the jaws of life. Well to put it mildly anyway :)Feel guilty! I know I would of I murdered my own child! I mean, they're half your chromosomes right? Gives the quote, "I died a little inside." a whole new meaning, doesn't it? Guess in this case it would be more like, "I killed a little bit of myself from the inside."

  15. Roland's Dad

    Patrick, I don't that posting that picture is appropriate. There are many pro death advocates that would proudly display that. What a sick picture and caption.

  16. JB

    When you stand in front of an abortion mill and realize that they are ripping a live baby out of it's mother's womb basically before your very eyes and you can do nothing but stand in the gap and hope the baby feels your love, then you appreciate the significance of this picture…THIS POSTER IS REAL BECAUSE ABORTION IS REAL AND HAPPENING 3000 TIMES A DAY AT LEAST IN OUR COUNTRY AND IT IS EVIL..JUST LIKE THE SKELETON..IT DESCRIBES DEATH…I hope it bothers everyone who sees it and gets you out there standing in the gap as often as possible….

  17. Patrick Madrid

    I disagree with you, Roland'sDad. I think it is utterly appropriate precisely because it shows what abortion really is. I wish all Catholic websites would post this picture so more people would see it and reflect on its meaning.

  18. Roland's Dad

    I guess it's the caption that gets me, I would post it all over if the caption read: "What if the tables were turned?" "Too bad the baby didn't have a CHOICE"JB, I have been protesting clinics, and cried when I saw women walk in. I know how horrible abortion is and agree completely. I just don't think this caption is the right idea. If I saw this without knowing it came from Pat, i would think it was a pro death picture. Have you ever been to a rally where the pro death people are hanging baby fetus dolls from a string while wearing an apron with blood on it. This is right up there ally.

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