One of the most beautiful versions of the Agnus Dei you’ll ever hear

When you can, stop what you’re doing, close your eyes, and let this gorgeous hymn wash over you. Let it inebriate your spirit with joy and gratitude to the Lord Who loves you so much that He died for you to redeem you and save you from your sins. Dial the volume up and let this magnificent prayer carry you heavenward to the throne of the victorious Lamb who was slain from the foundation of the world. Praise Him.


  1. Susan


  2. Vicki


  3. Joseph Antoniello

    This is the first time since I first heard Part's Magnificat ( ) that I have been moved to the very core. Thank you Patrick for posting this…gorgeous.

  4. Soutenus

    I just sent this to my FB page . . . do you know what the captcha was? "peaceful is"Coincidence? I think not. God is in every detail.Thank you for finding and posting this, Patrick.

  5. Rchll Hnn.

    My Lord My God Help me To Love You Above all & to be a light in darkness. Amen.

  6. Roland's Dad

    That was very beautiful and relaxing, thanks!

  7. Anonymous

    Very nice but I prefer the one sung by The Irish Priests in their first CD.

  8. Anonymous

    The Dies Irae from this setting has the opposite effect of this Agnus Dei.

  9. Emilio

    Beautiful.No wonder His Holiness Benedict XVi, loves the music. Music like thie, brig us closer to God.Patrick this was a pretty gift for the soul and the ears. Thank you.Emilio.

  10. Matt K

    Wait, you mean there's something more beautiful than "On Eagles' Wings" being strummed on a guitar? My parish's choir would beg to differ…

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    Back at my computer after visiting the Holy Presence in the Eucharist at my church, I opened accidentally to this and was moved to tears.Thank You.Tomazina

  13. David

    I really don't care for it that much because it emphasizes the music too much and the words are stretched too much that their significance is lost.

  14. PascGra


  15. Our Family

    I own this album, such great music! The whole album is awesome!

  16. mike

    Beautiful and deep, a washing of the soul, a meditation like the waves of the sea bringing the life of the deep to the shore of my tired soul.

  17. Anonymous

    Yes, Beautiful, Repetitious.A suggestion for those who are impressed: listen to AVE MARIA (sung by Andrea Bocelli) to Sergei Rachmaninoff's 'vocalese', and if you like that lush ethereal music which speaks to the soul, the entire Requiem of Gabriel Faure, or his Pavanne, or the "Kyrie" from the Kodaly Mass (Missae Brevis, or Louis Vierne's "Stele pour un enfant defunt" for organ. For those who need ref. Nos. of MP3 discs or the printed music, eMail are available from your music supplier'

  18. Patrick Madrid

    Yes, musically astute. Wet blanket. Yawn.

  19. Anonymous

    Yes, it is very beautiful. My favorite of Mr. Jenkin's however is "Benedictus." I agree that "The Priests" have done Agnus Dei and Benedictus very well.

  20. jayeverett

    Beautiful music but we are unable to recognize the words. This is the problem with music in the Church today. Should we have music for the sake of music or music for the sake of GOD? Would the Lords Prayer have meaning if all you could recognize was the music?

  21. Patrick Madrid

    That's weird, Jay. I hear the words quite clearly. It's all in Latin, of course, so if you are not accustomed to praying the prayer in Latin, I could see why it might be less easy to follow. But I hear it all just fine.

  22. Anonymous

    Also try Lauridsen's, from his "Lux Aeterna," if you haven't heard it.

  23. Anonymous

    Liz Nazareth said … Awesome, God is music. Touched my heart, Soul & spirit. Great feeling of peace & calm after a stressful day at work.

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