The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism

“The New Atheists came on the contemporary scene with an unprecedented mixture of confidence and scorn. And, sadly, most of the books written in response have conveyed an impression of ad hoc defensiveness. But not this one. The Godless Delusion, by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley, wages a full-scale frontal assault on the tallest turret of the New Atheists’ stronghold — the claim to moral and rational superiority. With remorseless logic, wit, skill, and boundless, joyful enthusiasm it lays waste that stronghold, routs the enemy, occupies the high ground for Christ their king, and dares anyone to retake it. Books on philosophical apologetics don’t get more exhilarating than this.”

Ronald K. Tacelli, SJ, professor of philosophy, Boston College, co-author of Handbook of Christian Apologetics

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Coming soon to a bookstore near you, my new book on atheism (co-authored with Kenneth Hensley) is called The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism and will be released in the next two weeks. Pre-order your signed copy today.


  1. Cori Hyland

    Love the book cover. You are such a scream, Patrick!

  2. Tony de New York

    Great news!!

  3. Wesley Falcao

    Book cover got me laughing! Can't wait for the book to come out!

  4. Anita

    Excellent cover!

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for writing this book!! I've noticed that I'm much more competent giving reasons for the Catholic Faith, than the more fundamental questions such as 'how can we know there is a God,' 'how do you explain suffering,' 'what about the parts in the Bible where God orders the Isrealites to kill people including children,' and the veracity of scripture. These are things I keep hearing a lot but never have a good answer to…

  6. Phil Lynch

    What's the significance of the cover. it is quite funny.

  7. Anonymous

    Why no listing on Amazon?

  8. Orange Blossom

    Sounds very good, Mr Madrid. Love the cover!

  9. Abbey

    Love the cover …. very clever. I cannot wait to get my copy! BlessingsAbbey

  10. Brad

    Hi Patrick,I have to agree with rest here, that cover is very clever, very funny.Brad

  11. Greta

    Seems like this works well for democrats voting for healthcare deform; nuns supporting the abortion healthcare bill; and democrats that call themselves catholic or others in so called catholic organizations that are driven by dissent. Kind of like cutting away from the Vine.

  12. Nick

    When I was an atheist, I didn't even know a god existed. I understood science, though, so I perceived of everything in natural terms.However, when I became a Christian, my understanding of the world grew, like how a child learns how to say "I love…" and than "…you." I still perceived the world in natural terms, except now I know who created the world.Later on, as I learned more about God, I've learned more about my atheist beliefs and my theist beliefs. I learned that my atheism was ignorance of God, sort of like how a child knows about illness but not about germs. I learned that my theism isn't a replacement of my understanding of the world but a better understanding of the world (as I said before).

  13. Anthony S. "Tony" Layne

    Looking forward to the release. And I have to agree: the cover photo is quite funny (must be a determinist on the limb).

  14. Patrick Madrid

    Thank you all for the positive comments about the cover. I'm happy to know it strikes the right chord with you!

  15. jmcdhome

    I like the title, but I'm afraid it may get confused with "The Godless Delusion: Dawkins and the Limits of Human Sight" by Joe Egan

  16. Patrick Madrid

    Thanks, JMC. I don't think there will be much if any confusion, mainly because that book seems to be rather obscure ( Sales Rank: #1,904,390 in books) and though we checked pretty carefully last summer to make sure there was no other book with that title, his must have come out right around that time, before anything appeared on the Internet. In any case, we're going full-speed ahead with ours. I hope you like it when you read it.

  17. Susan Langston

    I don't think there will be any confusion! I was just on Amazon and saw the other book…knew right away it was not the correct one!

  18. Aaron Johnston

    Can't wait Patrick!

  19. Matt C. Abbott

    Looks good!

  20. Anonymous

    I just bought 4 of your books Patrick. May have to get this one too. Thank you for fighting the battle for Christ!

  21. dch

    Atheism is not a religion, world view, or tribal grouping; it’s merely the rejection of a human notion: theism.

  22. gkeuter

    Will this be available for my iPad?

  23. Dick

    I read the first page on (and I will buy the book and read and review the whole thing) but what struck me immediately was the misconstruing of the "God" in the Declaration of Independence as something other than the God of the Enlightenment, the God of Deism, or God as Nature. Jefferson and Franklin (the principal authors of the Declaration) were deists. Theis God is not the Pope's God (unless the Pope has come around to theism). These views of God are not the view of theism in general or Catholicism in particular (but I could be wrong on that, since I am not Catholic). So, already on the first page the authors have set up "God" as a straw man of the "atheists" and by doing so have presented a very poor argument on just the first page. Then there is the strident tone… But I digress.Dick Marti

  24. angers

    to… dch?if atheism is not a religion but a rejection of a human notion (like both cant coexist) then what about Christianity? is that not "merely" a rejection of atheism and polytheism?

  25. Marie

    The book cover is *priceless* LOL 😛

  26. Anonymous

    I can't wait to read all the logic in this book… great color choice on the cover too, reminds me of the "for dummies" series. Perfect.

  27. Cameron Abel

    @ angersIt is logically unsound to compare atheism to christianity as a "rejection of atheism." Christianity makes an assertion about the universe, and atheism is the rejection of that assertion(and others like it). You may go back and forth like that if you please, but those of us capable of logic and reason can plainly see that atheism does not make a blind assertion about the universe, it simply rejects the notion of theism.

  28. minervalmuse

    I think that your book is a good counterpoint to Dawkins' book, The God Delusion. Also, thank you for the autograph!

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