1. Chad Myers

    This should be the logo on the Catholic Answers Forums 🙂

  2. Patrick Madrid

    I'll suggest it to Karl.

  3. Anonymous

    Acceptance is "the ability to listen to a man being wrong without correcting him" — Theodore Sturgeon, /Why Dolphins Don't Bite/

  4. Adam Morin

    …espicialy in the "Liturgy & Sacraments" forum.

  5. Susan L

    Oh man! I think I should post this next to MY computer. lol. I'm trying to stay away from discussion boards.

  6. Jeffrey Pinyan

    I've got this on my office wall at work. This could be my mantra. 😉

  7. AMDG-3141

    @Chad Exactly! LOL!

  8. Suzanne

    Story of my life.

  9. Audrey

    Yikes! Okay, I'll try to avoid doing that from today onwards. LOL.

  10. Mitch

    but they are wrong! 😉

  11. Christina

    Yes, but there is that oh so sweet occasion when the wrong person realizes their fault; intermittent reinforcement is the hardest to break.That said, this is why I now avoid discussion forums like the plague 😉

  12. Maggie

    I've managed to avoid forums for the most part, but Wikipedia and TV Tropes are still what makes this relevant to me..

  13. Th0t

    I think they took a picture of me and made it into a stickman cartoon >.<

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