1. reddog

    Gee, out Gays having a fun day with their families at Disneyland. What a terrible thing.As far as the drugs and sex thing goes. I grew up a few miles from Disneyland in Anaheim in the 50's and 60's. It was the absolute favorite place for teenagers to go while enjoying a day/evening of pot smoking, acid dropping and casual sex, if they could get it. It was also the main liberty destination for young Marines from Camp Pendleton to hook up with professional and semi professional good time girls, before heading off for their year in South East Asia. In those days there were also always groups of priests and nuns in their regalia, enjoying the day, as well as nice traditional family groups from all over the country and the World. Disneyland always had a lot of Gay employees. Everybody had a good time.What? Gays people aren't allowed to have a good time and kick up their heels in public at Disneyland, like everybody else?

  2. Patrick Madrid

    Gee, are you a homophobe or something? The only one who said this is a "terrible thing" is you. What do you have against homosexuals?

  3. Thursday

    Not very many years ago I used to work for Disney at one of their parks. My first encounter with this gathering was while I worked at splash mountain. 30 men in red shirts with Tinkerbell wings… My best bet was that they were employees who took the day off. there is a substantial population of gay people working at Disney World and Tinkerbell among the gay employees had been a bit of a gay icon. it is a widely known among employees that the Tinkerbell who descends from the castle each night is more often than not, a man in drag. I personally do not approve of homosexual activities and am against the molding of such an activity as the basis for a lifestyle, still, they are under the right to assemble as they do. It should be known that even though there are many employees often involved in the event it is not a sanctioned Disney event and they have no part in its planning or operation.

  4. Sleeping Beastly

    Interesting post. Thanks, Patrick. The truth is, my first thought, on reading the article, was how just about every day of my life has seemed like Fornication Pride Day, and that only now that homosexuals have jumped on board are conservatives really starting to pay attention.Fornication Pride is celebrated on our TV, in our movies, in our popular music, and in the clubs, bars, and downtown areas of every city in the country on a daily basis.

  5. texasgal

    Almost 20 years ago my parents took us to Disney World. It was a vacation we were very much looking forward to and were quite excited. I will never forget the scene when we arrived. There were signs all around at the front gate that read something like "Attention Parents, please be aware today is Gay Day at the park". My parents had already purchased tickets well in advance and I suppose did not want to waste the $ so we proceeded into the park. I was about 10 at the time and had no idea what "gay" meant. I saw many things I had never seen before that day and it left lots of questions in my mind. Thanks to "Gay Day" I still have some of images in my mind today. What gets me the most is that they obviously knew that a "family friendly" park would be stirred up by this event since they put such signs out. I now have kids of my own and go out of my way to try and not support Disney in any way primarily because of their support of the gay lifestyle, of which I do not approve. It is just such a shame to see what the Disney Empire had become.

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