Behold the destruction that Marcial Maciel hath wrought

By now, a year and a half after the well casing of Marcial Maciel’s double life finally blew apart, wrecking the Legion-of-Christ rig he had constructed to house and conceal it, and gushing a torrent of nauseating revelations into the public consciousness, we all have a bad case of Maciel-fatigue. I know I do. I’m sick of it. (And if you aren’t sick of it, watch the video at the bottom of this post and I predict you will be sick of it too — sick at heart.)

And yet, we should shake off the fatigue, brace ourselves, and take stock of just how widespread the damage could become that this man (and whoever knowingly abetted him in his depredations) has inflicted on the Church.

How bizarrely ironic that the order Maciel established to be a vanguard of joyful, militant, conquering supporters and defenders of the pope should now be one of the present pope’s biggest headaches. This thought undoubtedly torments many Legionary priests and affiliated laypeople who’ve been wondering whether to abandon the burning rig or stay put and, hoping against hope, wait for the fire that threatens to consume everything to be extinguished.

In my estimation, amidst all the uncertainty, at least one thing is certain: The Legion of Christ as we have known it is over, and it’s not coming back.

Most people’s guess is that the house that Marcial Maciel built will either be completely rehabbed from its foundation to its gables — everyone knows that a fresh coat of paint won’t do the job — or it will be razed and rebuilt from the ground up with fresh materials. Some are clamoring for it simply to be razed, plowed over, and sown with salt. I doubt that will happen. Pope Benedict is benevolent and sagacious, and he knows that while the organization’s founder had a rather Molochian appetite for children, the Legion is not Carthage.

Three scenarios seem possible, either of the first two being far more likely, it seems to me:

1) The Legion may be radically reformed and reoriented and thus salvaged;
2) It may be drastically reduced in size (i.e., personnel), scope of activities, and influence, due to continuing defections of its priests, a drying up of new vocations, and the vigorous pruning by the pope and his collaborators;
3) It may go away altogether.

If the last scenario plays out, the Legion’s far-flung empire of schools, seminaries, apostolic enterprises and, most importantly of all, priestly vocations, would all have to be somehow absorbed en masse into the infrastructure of the Church.

Just a few years ago, heck, one year ago, such a notion would have been unthinkable. Like BP, the Legion of Christ was just too big to fail.

Well, stranger things have happened. Stranger things might yet happen.

What’s really strange, and I mean “strange” in the baleful and sinister sense, is how Fr. Maciel’s cerement-swathed hand reaches out from the grave to besmirch the memory of Pope John Paul II — the pope he feigned such adoring dedication to for all those years. While he surely harmed many men, women, and children by exploiting and devouring their trusting innocence and generosity in order to sate his own appetites, it seems that what distinguishes him as a truly implacable sociopath whose life was “devoid of scruples” is that he preyed upon even his own children.

The more it goes, the more it seems as if the trail of destruction lying in the wake of this man’s astonishing 87 years of bustling activity on this earth doesn’t just diminish, but dwarfs, whatever good he may have done along the way in the greedy, grubby pursuit of his goals.

As the pope and those who are helping him weigh the options and pray for divine guidance, I have no doubt that they are doing some pretty intense cost/benefit analyses.

St. Paul reminds us that where sin abounds, God’s grace abounds all the more (Rom. 5:20). I believe this with all my heart. Which is why I also believe the Church will need an immense amount of grace if it is to repair and restore what has been lost here.


  1. In RC But Not Of It

    "I agree with Tsunami. Also, Anon. has made a point that I have been stressing with friends who think the Legion is done. The Pope is not ever going to dispose of 800 and throw them out of their communities into some sort of ecclesial foster care. Yes, they are priests of the Church first, they are mostly (except for the top ones) great priests, and their effectiveness comes from the solace and support of community living."Do we actually KNOW at this point how many priests are still with the Legion of Christ? They keep throwing that 800 number around. Does anyone know the real current number? Community living might not be as big an issue if the "community" has become significantly reduced in size of late. In fact, that might be an indication to the Holy See that no such "community" truly exists.

  2. Patrick Coffin

    General observation: What's with RC members using pseudonyms or the coward's mask of "Anonymous" in com boxes? Some people, even now, find the RC/LC Koolaid to be quite tasty.

  3. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Madrid,Why do you speak with such maliciousness?

  4. Maite Tosta

    I didn´t get to see the video, it doesn´t stream outside the US……

  5. Anonymous

    I use "anonymous" because our paycheck is signed by Legion, and while I don't like that fact, in this economy, a job is a job when you have lots of little mouths to feed.There is just too much history of Legion suing, damaging reputations, and basically making life hell for those who come out publicly against them. Perhaps they are no longer so powerful, but I don't want to be the guinea pig who finds out.If you call that cowardly, so be it. Personally, I think it is more cowardly for RC members (of which I am not, by the way) not to say anything at all than to come out anonymously. There is a long history of various types of persecution at the hands of this organization. I (obviously!!) don't blame anybody for wanting to protect themselves from retribution (and even if the Legion itself is too busy trying to put out larger fires, reputations can still be ruined through whisper campaigns and shunning performed by local RC friends and family).

  6. Patrick Madrid

    Anonymous 1:46, what specifically did I say that you feel is malicious?

  7. Peter N. Nevraumont

    Very well put, and very sad. A child who is sexually abused never fully recovers; I speak from my own experience.There is a certain amount of Catholic bashing surrounding this issue, which has a number of causes. I don't think it helps, however, to conflate pedophilia with homosexuality. There is no research that I know of that shows homosexuals are more likely to sexually abuse children than heterosexuals. In fact, I am going to guess the opposite is true.And I don't think it is helpful to draw a distinction between abusing pre-pubescent children vs. post-pubescent children. The psychology of children suffering from sexual abuse is a complicated one in which the victim is made to feel guilty by the abuser and society in general.The Church will survive, but only made truly whole if it addresses this situation with a completely open heart.

  8. Beth

    How can anyone continue to send their child(ren) to any LC school? Is enrollment declining? Any statistic on the numbers of LC/RC that have managed to get out? What if you are a member and have no other way to support yourself and you are unable to leave? any funds for these individuals?

  9. Anonymous

    Patrick is telling the truth in a very reasoned way – I wonder if he even knows that the Legionnaires in Connecticut are and have been aggressively fund raising throughout the whole scandal…what do they plan to do with the money? I trust Pope Benedict will have the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to know what is the best thing to do. The leadership of the Legion wants to remain in place – why??? Surely those intimates around Maciel know what was going on and how many were involved in the same disgusting activity??? Pope John Paul could not have known what was happening…he would have acted as Pope Benedict did if he had known…the Legionnaires, the young ones, need to be 'deprogrammed' and healed and the given a healthy formation…there may be some who have not yet reported abuse and they need our prayers and help…let's just pray with our Holy Father for healing for Church members who have so hurt the young entrusted to their care and let us pray for a flourishing of healthy and holy vocations…we still have an enormous amount of active homosexual men in the Priesthood and religious life…even among female religious…so we have to be strong in faith as new incidences are reported…

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks, so much, for having the courage to do this post. I can always count on you, Patrick, and that is why you are one of the few Catholic sites I still check frequently. God bless you, and PLEASE: keep it up.

  11. Anonymous

    Also, thank you Patrick Coffin for posting. You two Patricks are two examples of real courageous godly men today. We NEED you. Thank you.

  12. Jenni

    Just to be clear, Familia and Challenge Girls are RC apostolate, i.e. places for them to recruit. They are keeping the RC name as far away as possible, but they are still recruiting through these groups and fundraising here in Colorado Springs.

  13. Anonymous

    Patrick, I want to thank you for continuing to write about this situation. I was in RC for six years and for a long time, I really thought I was crazy for having so many doubts and questions about certain practices within our local group and in the Legion of Christ. It helps to read what ethical, intelligent observers have to say about this.A friend recently wrote this and I echo her sentiments: My participation and membership in Regnum Christi and associated apostolates implies my consent to this corrupted system regardless of the level of my knowledge or lack thereof. To all of those who have been hurt, isolated, and maligned because of LC/RC, I was complicit and I am profoundly sorry. The burden and shame of this scandalous mess will follow those of us who have ever been associated with the Legion and Regnum Christi for the rest of our lives.Johnna H., St. Louis, MO

  14. RobertG

    For some reason, I cannot wish ill toward the Legion anymore than I could consent to having an old faithful dog put down due to an incurable disease: "Save the dog, kill the disease!" So much good has entered my life because of the Legion, I wouldn't be half the Christian I am if not for them. I'll just leave it in Gods and continue to pray for my brothers in Christ and for the Church. Viva Cristo Rey!

  15. Beth

    With LC schools serving as seminaries for kids in grades 7 to 12 why has the Vatican –at the very least–not offered them protection? The LC is in no position to be helping these boys discern their vocation and shame on the parents who are putting their kids in this position. The lack of a tangible reponse to this mess is a disgrace.

  16. Anonymous

    Robert ,What you just posted above only reinforces what all of us ex-members are trying to get across to those outside- ladies and gentlemen, behold the malformation: " so much good has entered my life BECAUSE of the Legion…etc" The legion took whatever good you already had received and twisted it and used it for its own ends. The Legion is not the church- any good that is still there is because of the church's patrimony- and it remains INSPITE of the Legion , not because of it. Holy Father, please bring out the salt, and by the ton!

  17. Lauretta

    The following is from here: would just like to share a piece written by philosopher Olavo de Carvalho on the Legionaries of Christ. You might find it interesting. Here it goes:Good as an instrument of evilOlavo de CarvalhoDiário do Comércio, April 1, 2010In a world degraded by the arrogance of modernity, the fact that the Legionaries of Christ are an organization nominally devoted to reliving the experience of traditional Catholicism only makes the crimes perpetrated by both its founder and its other leaders all the more serious.The relationship between the seeming traditionalism of the Legionaries and the modernist deformations of Catholicism is exactly the same as the one St. Augustine observed between pride and the other capital sins: all vices, said he, cling to evil that evil may be accomplished; pride alone clings to the good that good may perish.Modernists and leftists in general preach error and lies, deform doctrine and liturgy, and do the reverse of what the Church has done for two millennia. Marcial Maciel and his partisans preach the authentic doctrine, follow the rituals faithfully and, seen from the outside, look much like the good Catholics of old, except that they reduce all this to a shell, to a camouflage in the service of crime and wickedness. The former attack the Church from the outside, ostensibly stripping it of everything which adorns and protects it; the latter preserve its vestments and its physiognomy, all the while wounding it directly in the heart.The damage Maciel and his gang did to Catholicism even reaches the point of surpassing, in some respects, the overall effect of so many blows accumulated over more than one hundred years. Under attack from external enemies or heretics and infiltrated agents, the Church not only preserved its dignity but shone even brighter by means of the glory of martyrdom. Now it is forced to humiliate itself before the world, apologizing for the evil that well-disguised enemies inflicted upon it not from without, but from its innermost circle, under the asinine protection of a pope, John Paul II, who did not want to see the truth in time and ended up protecting the criminals instead of helping the victims.If making the Church pay for the crimes of its betrayers already constitutes a monstrous injustice, even more intolerable are the attempts to mitigate the scandal, reducing everything to the personal sins of a priest and saving the appearances of the organization he created.The plea for forgiveness released by the order’s current superior, Álvaro Corcuera, is a masterpiece of cynicism and issue-dodging. On the one hand, it reduces everything down to sex offenses, now four-decades-old, and says nothing of the judicial persecution more recently set in motion, under the leadership of Corcuera himself, in order to intimidate and silence the victims, and to safeguard the sacrosanct public image of the criminal. On the other, it throws all the blame on one isolated individual, as if the vast concurrence of crimes he committed would have been possible without the complicity of his closest advisors and, even more, without the peculiar structure he bequeathed the organization, making it a perfect machine of domination and cover-up.

  18. Lauretta

    Con'tIt is most evident that what differentiates the Legionaries from all the other religious orders is not only the personal conduct of its founder: it is the whole organizational conception of that entity, designed to serve goals that have nothing to do with its nominal purpose, serving the latter only to the extent they were useful to the former.For what purpose would a religious discipline need to add to the traditional vows of poverty, obedience and chastity, a heretic and extravagant “vow of secrecy,” if not to hide from the outset something intended to be hidden?For what purpose would a Catholic religious order have to adopt for its novices and lay faithful, besides the old and established pedagogical and disciplinary methods, certain behavior control techniques which originated in the anti-Christian “New Age” movement and in social engineering laboratories, engaged in building the world civilization of the Antichrist?For what purpose would a religious order need to establish, besides the usual norms of respect and obedience, the idolatrous worship of its leaders, who were flippantly proclaimed as “saints” at first sight, without the slightest critical examination, in outpourings of collective hysterical emotionalism which blaspheme the very notion of holiness?For what purpose would a religious order need to practice large scale imposition of forced vocations, allegedly revealed by the Holy Spirit to the leaders of the organization and then impinged on astonished youth as a mandate from heaven to which they would never dare say “no”?Why would a religious order need to devote so much effort to enticing rich laymen and to the speedy build-up of financial and property holdings worth billions?Why would a religious order need to infiltrate parishes to dominate them, disregarding the jurisdictions of parish priests, and unlawfully constituting itself as an authority higher than that of archdioceses themselves, up to the point that some of these, in the United States, found themselves forced to ban all contact between their parishes and the invading organization? What kind of Catholicism is there in a Gramscian “war of position” against Catholics by a militant body soi-disant Catholic?No, the Legionaries – who should more appropriately be called the Millionaires – are not a normal religious order, tarnished only by a malign individual who by chance, by mere coincidence, happened to be its founder.The Legionaries are the very same perverse mentality of such founder, transfigured into a worldwide machine of allurement, psychological domination, manipulation of conduct, and concealment of crimes.The Church has no reason to ask forgiveness for the evil that has been inflicted upon it from within by a power-and-wealth-hungry group of psychopaths, but it also does not have any reason to try to save face of an organization that turned good into an instrument of evil. This evil must be exposed in all its sinister grandeur, making it clear that it was not practiced “by” the Church, but against it.

  19. Anonymous

    The link to the original essay by Olavo de Carvalho mentioned by Lauretta is here: thought the last paragraph summed it up pretty well:"It is simply not possible to preserve, at one and the same time, the dignity of the Church and the reputation of the Legionaries. I do not think this is what Benedict XVI wants, but it is clear that both among the enemies of the faith and in the upper hierarchy of the Church itself there are many people interested in giving the impression that this is precisely what he wants."Behold the destruction.

  20. RobertG

    I am silenced after reading Olavo's essay. I'll read it over a couple of times in an effort to properly reprogram myself. And I'll continue to pray for my brothers in Christ and for the Church. Thank you. –Ex-Legionary (1992-1994)

  21. RobertG

    "The Legionaries are the very same perverse mentality of such founder, transfigured into a worldwide machine of allurement, psychological domination, manipulation of conduct, and concealment of crimes."I disagree with this paragraph: It is true of some, but certainly not all.

  22. Anonymous

    "No, the Legionaries – who should more appropriately be called the Millionaires – are not a normal religious order, tarnished only by a malign individual who by chance, by mere coincidence, happened to be its founder.The Legionaries are the very same perverse mentality of such founder, transfigured into a worldwide machine of allurement, psychological domination, manipulation of conduct, and concealment of crimes."Robert, I believe the writer is referring to the ORDER of the Legionaries in this statement, not indicting the intentions or culpability of individual men in the order. The order itself is the machine of allurement, psychological domination, manipulation of conduct, and concealment of crimes. Individual Legionaries were part of this machine, as as part of it were cooperators in Maciel's plan. But that does not mean they did so knowingly or willingly. I believe this is what the Holy Father was referring to in the Communique when he mentions the system of power and that ensured the silence that allowed Maciel's perversions to go unchecked. The very structure and norms of the order deformed conscience in such a way that the men contained in this "machine", well-meaning and of good will as they might have been, were used to allure and recruit, dominate others psychologically through the formation, and manipulate conduct (thinking they were doing good by following the will of their superiors, mind you) of those in their control.It's the machine that reflects the perverse mentality of its founder. Visitator Watty statements to the fact that the very structure of the Legion—it's apostolates, it's governance, it's very formation–have been damaged by the imprint of the Maciel personality, seem to confirm this notion:" But before getting into that, we Bishops and Cardinals stressed, with the Pope’s endorsement, the person of Fr. Maciel: We see a very damaged person who did much harm; we see an immoral person, not in accordance with the Gospel, not even with human dignity.There is nothing more we can say; others may be capable to study the personality. But this what we're able to see: He affected the work he started — and how he affected it — with positive elements of his personality, and he imprinted it with negative traits of his personality. And this is what worries the Church right now……..We must take care of this in the name of the Church.Another aspect, we would say, is our positive evaluation of those who form and constitute the Legion of Christ. It’s not as if one person is bad, so the rest are, too. But, yes, the structure is damaged; in its life, its governance, its formation, its apostolate; because this damage was imprinted by the person who founded the work. This is what worries us: A Legion, a religious congregation that is damaged and itself feels damaged, but also feels the need for outside help."There are good men caught up in this machine. Benedict is sending his Delegate precisely to rescue the good so many people brought into the machine with them, and which through the grace of God, survived the damage of that machine. How the Pope and Delegate plan to rescue the good people from the damage of the machine remains to be seen.

  23. RobertG

    Thank you, Anonymous, for your well-written reply.

  24. Anonymous

    A question asked 3 days ago at 1:18 PM has gone unanswered – WHAT is the great benefit of the movement that makes all this suffering worthwhile? Thank you.JUNE 24, 2010 1:18 PMIf your child's faith was shattered by the movement, would you still defend the movement?

  25. Anonymous

    I am not a Regnum Chrisit member and never have been. There is a concerted effort here to continually attack Father Maciel and the Legion of Christ. It would appear you will not give up until the Legion is destroyed with all it's good works. We must examine our conscience for the vice of envy and ask the Lord to enlighten our minds.Jesus Christ desired the salvation of the soul of Judas and called him friend. We are to pray for those we consider our enemies. That is the Christian faith!Further, here is the definition of hatred, from The Modern Catholic Dictionary (by Father John Hardon):"HATRED. A voluntary act by which someone or something is regarded with bitter aversion. On the first level hatred is directed against either God or some rational being; on the second level it is directed against some quality in another but without hatred of the individual personality.Personal hatred of God may take the form of disgust, when a person detests God because he punishes sinners. It is a grave sin because it is contrary to the justice of God. Another form is the hatred of enmity, when a person actually wished evil to God. Such hatred is of its nature diabolical, and is the most grievous of all sins, since it approximates the enmity that the devils have against God.Personal hatred of a human being is the direct opposite of the virtue of love. Where love inspires a person to wish well to another, hatred arouses the desire to do harm or have harm befall the one hated, not as a source of possible good, but precisely as evil. The gravity of such sins of personal hatred depends on how serious the harm wished or intended, and on how deliberately the malicious desires are harbored.Hatred or a quality in someone may be either sinful or not. If the hatred is directed only toward some evil quality that a person has, but does not touch that person, it is not sinful. It becomes sinful only if the hatred extends to the person who has some admittedly evil trait or sinful habit. Moreover, it becomes specially sinful when the hatred is directed at some virtue that a person possesses, even when the enmity does not extend to the individual personally."Finally, Father Maciel is innocent.

  26. Anonymous

    "There is a concerted effort here to continually attack Father Maciel and the Legion of Christ. It would appear you will not give up until the Legion is destroyed with all it's good works.We must examine our conscience for the vice of envy and ask the Lord to enlighten our minds.""Finally, Father Maciel is innocent."Perhaps you should send your concerns to the Holy See, as they have determined Maciel to be completely without scruples and devoid of any authentic religious sentiment. A criminal.Are you suggesting that the Holy Father and Visitators are guilty of hatred and envy? I certainly hope not, but otherwise your post really makes no sense whatsoever. It seems you think the Holy Father and investigators need to pray to be enlightened as to Maciel's innocence. For those who believe Maciel to be a man of great evil (as the Vatican itself has made it clear he was), it is charity to try to rid the Church of his pernicious legacy, while trying to salvage all the good so many unsuspecting Catholics brought into this mess with them.

  27. Anonymous

    It's hard to know how to react to the Legion and Regnum Christi. I knew people in RC. Some very (very) well. They were solid, serious, good-hearted, devoted people. But to me there was always something creepy about the Legion and RC. I read "Christ is My Life" and it fairly screamed "fraud" at me. I wondered how anybody could be taken in by this guy. And then I started to hear about the hero worship of Maciel. And then I heard about the psychological manipulation to keep people in line. The creepiness factor went off the scale. So where was the Holy Spirit in all of this? People claim that the Holy Spirit guides them. Well? Why didn't that happen? Why was the pope fooled? Why were thousands of sincere, honest, dedicated Catholics fooled? Wasn't the Holy Spirit able to break through this deception? All that time they were praying …. nothing. I don't know how you can trust in the guidance of a "Holy Father" who was fooled by such an obvious con artist. And I don't know how you can believe in a "Holy Spirit" who was unable to tell all these Catholics they were following a lunatic pervert. Fr. Neuhaus had "moral certainty" Maciel was not guilty. I hope everyone laughs the next time some popular priest claims to have "moral certainty." JPII called Maciel an "efficacious guide to youth." I hope everyone remembers that the next time the pope praises someone. Maciel's defenders said he had to be the real deal because of all the "good fruit." Remember that too. Yes, Maciel has done incredible damage to the Catholic Church. But it seems to me this was only possible because the Catholic Church is a pitiful shell. The leadership is beyond corrupt. The people are so beaten and downtrodden that they fall for an obvious fraud, simply because he says what they so long to hear. It's so lame. So sad.

  28. Anonymous

    A perfect illustration of the Regnum Christi stubborn refusal to look at the negative – a post asking "If your child's faith was shattered by the movement, would you still defend the movement?" goes completely unanswered. RCs don't face the messy bad stuff. The important thing is that "my experience has been good". Sigh. What's a lost soul here or there if "your" experience is good?

  29. Dymphna

    Anonymous @ 8:45: I think hero worship, especially in the church, is dangerous. We have been so busy worrying about our little corner of the spiritual world, that we have ceased looking squarely at such things as what went on in Regnum Chrisi. I've gotten to the point where I distrust any separate "movement" within the church, although I do have my own favorite devotions. I've seen so many people get hurt by such movements that promise salvation if only you follow this one person's every command. Too, I wonder if our whole visual society doesn't encourage a cult of personality in our church. It is dangerous. We are becoming too "political" and loosing sight of the real point: Christ. IMO, we have no right, as individuals, to run around saying that "God told me" this or "the Holy Spirit told me" that. It is dangerous.

  30. Anonymous

    Sr. Madrid, deje que el Espiritu Santo y las autoridades competentes de la Iglesia resuelvan este tremendeo embrollo como se tiene que resolver por personas que gozan de la gracia de estado para hacerlo y no por agoreros como Ud. y otros "famosos" eruditos ortodoxos catolicos (Mr. Wiegel) que creen tener la ultima palabra acerca de los problemas de la Iglesia Catolica y de la Legion de Cristo.Desde luego que seguir divulgando el escandalo hasta los detalles mas amarillistas, como lo hace Ud., presentando estos videos para que la gente sencilla se enferme como Ud. quiere que se enfermen no ayuda nada a la causa de la fe del pueblo de Dios. Esto solo favorece a los media sensacionalistas a los que Ud. sigue dando mayores detalles de que hablar y hablar y hablar. Todo indica como dicen vulgarmente en ingles que Ud. pretende "the shit to continue to hit the fan" en vez de rezar, perdonar, dejar que Dios y quien tenga la autoridad juzguen si es el caso publicamente. Por cierto que su presentacion en ropa de leopardo ( o de Tarzan ) a primera vista manifiestan un ego protagonista que Ud. confirma con sus escritos. Un mucho de humildad nos hace falta a todos. Sacerdote exLC

  31. Anonymous

    El Sr. Madrid puede hacer como complace. Si usted no quiere su blog, entonces se ausenta de ello. Estoy agradecido para la capacidad de Sr. Madrid para vivir en la verdad. Gracias el Sr. Madrid.

  32. Anonymous

    Silencing is a very old Legion tactic. It's not working so well for them anymore.

  33. Patrick Madrid

    Estimado Padre exLC,Ya soy yo un agorero? Creo que no. Tampoco hay que ser “erudito” para comprender el daño horrendo lo que infligió el P. Maciel en la Legión tal como lo hizo a mucha gente buena que confiaban en él — a los seminaristas y sacerdotes (a Ud. su mismo, padre, no se olvide de eso), a todos los padres y parientes de Legionarios, benefactores, etc., verdaderamente a toda la Iglesia.Soy padre de cuatro hijos que pasaron colectivamente años y años dentro de la Legión como seminaristas y estudiantes. Mi hermano menor pasó 9 años, y mi cuñado, casi 11 años. ¿No cree usted que es un poco presuntuoso reprender a las personas que fueron engañados por este charlatán por hablar al respeto?Sí, es verdad que tengo un ego (¿pero no es cierto esto de Ud. y todas personas a un cierto grado?) y le pido al Señor la gracia que me ayude a ser más humilde. Pero, mi propio orgullo pecaminoso y mi falta de humildad, no son los temas importantes aquí.En relación con el otro tema, personalmente, no veo muchas opciones para las circunstancias futuras de este grupo al margen de las tres que he mencionado aqui. ¿Y Ud.? Y no veo nada que sea algo malo por formular y compartir aquí algunas observaciones al respeto.¿Por qué me reproche Ud., deciendo que yo he sequido “divulgando el escandalo hasta los detalles mas amarillistas” de este sórdido y lamentable asunto? Todo el mundo ya está bien consciente de todas estas realidades en la vida del P. Maciel. Seguramente Usted ya sabe eso.¿Y cada vez que el Santo Padre habla en público acerca de la “polución,” “cochinada,” y “putrefacción” lo que se encuentra en la Iglesia hace poco, no cree Ud. que él tiene en mente los crímenes cometidos por P. Maciel? Yo sí.Por mi parte, padre, si yo fuera Ud., me gustaría y esperaría muchisimo que todos los detalles de este asunto saldrían en una manera completa y definitiva, y no lentamente y en pedazitos, para que el trauma de que la Legión y la Iglesia Católica están experimentando pudiera por fin piadosamente terminar.Le deseo lo mejor. Oremus pro invicem.

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