God bless “Anonymous” for reminding me of my manifest defects

I am grateful to the Lord for providing people like “Anonymous” to help me never lose sight of my own faults and failings. The most recent blessing of this type comes to me courtesy of a kind soul who made the following comment on the equally kind National Catholic Reporter blog:

“Ah,yes. Patrick Madrid, the ever obsequious EWTN lap dog.
No spine in his body, not an original thought in his head!”

Readers of this blog will know that this kind of thing has happened before with the author of that particular blog.


  1. doanli aka "orange blossom"

    You're the bigger person, Mr Madrid, you have done as our Lord wants you to do. (Rejoice too as Christ also said.)I am also happy to admit that I am an EWTN "lap dog"!!! (Going there on Sunday…so excited.)

  2. Kellee

    I don't understand why people are so angry. I don't understand why people can't form an opinion for themselves rather then let another person tell them what they ought to think and how they should react.

  3. Ismael

    NCR is the breast that feeds anti-catholicism.The only decent articles ar from John Allen Jr. (but the comments are still horrible).I think they should merge NCR with Dawkins forums:P

  4. Patrick Coffin

    Patrick is the drooling Irish Wolf Hound of lap dogs.

  5. Wesley

    "Blessed are ye when men shall reproach you, and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake." (Matthew 5:11)

  6. Patty Bonds

    Hmmm. Sounds all too familiar. My interpretation of that "original thought" idea (which has been banged over my head for years) is that since God has already revealed everything He plans to until eternity, and since you (and yours truly) are blessed to be allowed to sit at the feet of the Saints and Doctors of the Church, what need have we of original thought unless, of course, one is wanting to blaze their own theological trail and run amock in the Protestant wasteland. They can keep their inovations; I find all I need in the faith delivered to the Apostles and safeguarded by the Holy Spirit.

  7. Szwajkowski

    Ismael…couldn't agree with you more.

  8. Anonymous

    Hi Patrick,At least you have plenty of defenders out there in cyberspace, as well as the few detractors. I admire your charity, humor, and candor as always and will attempt to emulate charity in defending our Faith. (But just so you know, the crazy Irish temper side of Erin just made me want to smack that person upside the head. How dare they!!!)

  9. Father Andrew

    It is always a compliment and a sign of faithfulness to Our Lord when you are attacked by people who comment at the NCReporter.

  10. Jason

    I've found that when someone states like "not an original thought in his head" he really means, "does not share my views."If Patrick would only get over his hang ups with adhering to orthodoxy, defending life, and resisting liberal theology he would be "original."

  11. David E.

    And, Mr. Madrid, your response to the NCR article(though I don't think you're required to make one), is to counter-attack an anonymous comment maker, rather than address the substance of the article itself? C'mon …

  12. Patrick Madrid

    David E., how do you figure that my response was a "counter attack"? Did you even read what I wrote? And as for addressing the "substance" of what was written about me on the NCR blog, I ask, "what substance"? There was nothing of substance to respond to. C'mon.

  13. Luke

    Patrick,Why do our bishops allow this heterodox newspaper to continue to exist; call itself "Catholic?"

  14. Cathy

    Hi Patrick,Could you give me some direction on how to inspire a young Catholic man back toward the faith? He thinks he doesn't need some guys in Rome to tell him what/what not to believe…You know the drill!Thanks my faithful friend!

  15. Catholic Tide

    These people are always concerned with what is "original" or new. They don't seem to care whether ideas are true or false, right or wrong, good or evil, beautiful or ugly. This obsession with novelty is a big part of why our fine art, serious music, architecture and even fashion are all so degraded, joyless and disturbing. But I always find truth and beauty (and charity and humor) here on your blog! Thank you so much.

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