1. Patrick Madrid

    “You got a problem with these?”

  2. Ruth Anne Adams

    I'm guessing that's Piggy #1: the one who went to market.Is it "Wear Fabulous Red Boots to Go Shopping Day" already?

  3. Jim Killian

    Rubber baby piggy booties?Pork in boots?

  4. Mary Ellen

    "Do these boots make me look fat?"

  5. Susan L

    "First day of school and my Mom makes me wear these red rain boots!"

  6. artyi

    I am singing in the rain just singing in the rain

  7. Andre

    I told you…I don't do mud!

  8. Anita

    Oh Mom, I know that you love me, but really?!

  9. Anonymous

    I've heard of "Puss in boots'. looks kinda like a cat from here , Are you sure that's not a …

  10. brokenbose

    Ahhh…breakfast on a rainy day….just kidding!

  11. brokenbose

    "sure, I'll give you a million dollars…when pigs wear boots…"

  12. Sheila Deeth

    Well 'e's a pig in wellies i'n' he.

  13. RobertG

    "Oops, I forgot my raincoat. How embarrassing!"

  14. Ismael

    He's cute! I still won't give him any pearls though 😛

  15. LarryD

    I've heard of lipstick on a pig, but this goes too far.

  16. Melinda T

    "wha…!!???…I got em on sale…don't have a cow,man…."

  17. RobertG

    "No, Sam I am! I do not like red boots and ham!"

  18. Joe K

    But Mom why do I have to wear these stupid boots, its not raining that hard.

  19. brokenbose

    "no honey, breakfast was great except the bacon was dry"….just kidding again!

  20. Tommy

    …and this little piggy went to Tony Lama's…

  21. Anonymous

    "Dare you laugh at Count Porkula's boots?! Dare you?!"

  22. +JMJ+

    These boots were made for…bacon.

  23. Paul

    I don't see why the Catholic Church is so against these things.

  24. Leah

    I hereby declare him: T. Wellington Pickens.

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