Prelapsarian Mel Gibson

This 3-minute video clip of Mel Gibson’s opening monologue for “Saturday Night Live” in 1989 features him talking about his career long before his plunge from the apotheosis of celebrity he came to enjoy — 21 years before, to be exact. Given all that has befallen him recently, his comments here are weirdly, ironically prescient. Watch, and you’ll see what I mean.


  1. Diane

    Very sweet, very charming, very self-deprecating, very gorgeous. Oops, did I say gorgeous? I meant funny. Very funny. Witty. Wry. Cute. The monologue, I mean. Cute.Yes, I picked up on the "I do stuff without thinking" part, but I think that was just part of the shtick, not necessarily autobiographical. Although it certainly *is* interesting in the light of recent events.And speaking of recent events:* Don't believe everything you read on the gossip sites or hear about from HuffPo.* There are definitely two sides to the story, and we've been hearing only one of them.* I truly believe God is using this situation as a wake-up call to bring Mel back to his senses, back to Jesus, back to the Catholic Church (the one that includes Vatican II–*that* Catholic Church ;-)), and back to Robyn. I'm Team Mel, and I'm praying for him. Dianeski

  2. Anonymous

    Could Mel might be possessed? After all, as the producer of The Passion, he must be a target of the devil. Before The Passion, he was a practicing Catholic, married 26 years with 7 children. After The Passion, his marriage has fallen apart and he seems be acting quite mad. Doesn't the devil benefit by discrediting Mel? Just sayin…..

  3. pamelanak

    Agree with Dianeski totally and couldn't say it better.

  4. MamaMaria

    Like anyone who puts their foot in their mouth, I like to believe I sympathize with his verbal diarrhea of the mouth. Maybe it was mental illness or a tumor. It seems if he was really like this, his wife would have known about it from spending so many years with him. On the up side, we all have to learn lessons like the Prodigal Son. Maybe he's just learning his?

  5. Anonymous

    He gave us the Passion of the Christ…let's give him our prayers.

  6. Patrick Coffin

    All together now, repeat after me: Mel Gibson was not a Catholic. He is, and remains, a sedevacantist, ie not believing that any pope since Pius XII has been a real pope, radically anti-Vatican II, and hence not in communion with Rome.Ever notice that the mainscream media routinely calls people like Nancy Pelosi and Mel Gibson "devout Catholics"?I doubt he's possessed, unless alcoholism is an actual demon.This is not finger-pointing, just description. I do pray for him. He is no dummy – he *must* know what kind of dark place he's gotten himself into. Going on Jay Leno and making lame "Octo-Mel" jokes….that's gotta hurt his seven other children and their long-suffering mother.One grim irony in this story is that Mel told a New Yorker magazine interviewer that his wife Robyn would not be saved because she's Episcopalian, and therefore didn't qualify for heaven under Gibson's Feeneyite interpretation of "outside the Church no salvation."A reunion with her and his very estranged kids would be a beautiful thing indeed to behold Stranger things have happened (erudite Jew from Tarsus, for starters.)

  7. Gabriella

    King David fell-miserably,no? He paid dearly for it,yes? We have all learned that sin has it's consequences…movies-stars perhaps,more so, because they are in a sin-breeding environment…The saddest part to me, is the shame he brought upon his wife and children. He is suffering much reparation for that alone. We must pray for those most in need of God's mercy-Our Lady of Fatima and St.Faustina have instructed us so, and they heard it straight from the Lion's mouth-so I listen and obey, lest when my "great fall" comes(pray God it won't)…I will not be left wanting.

  8. A Catholic Dad

    I was so "TEAM MEL" espcially since I really liked him doind "Passion of the Christ" but his behavior is so abhorrent that I really just feel sorry for him. He's destroyed his carreer, most of his fan base, and his family. He seems to be just a torutued soul.By the way Patrick Coffman, I think Mel is Catholic and it is his Dad who was/is a sedevacantist.

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