If you could choose the theme for my next book, what would it be?

With the recent release of The Godless Delusion, I’m now ready to turn to my next book project. I’ve got several things in various stages of completion, but since I’m currently free to go in any direction, I’d like to solicit your input and suggestions for what you think the theme of my next book should be. Those who are interested in participating, please take a moment to complete this brief survey. Thank you.

P.S. So far, around 230 people have already contributed suggestions through the survey link I put on my Facebook pages. Now it’s my blog-friends’ turn to have their say. Oh, and you’ll see a Facebook button at the bottom of the survey page, which is there for you to share it on your FB pages, if you’d like. As far as I’m concerned, the more suggestions the better. Thanks again.


  1. bernadette powers

    How satan influences the world today..how he was unchained for 1000 years and is on his last fling to take souls from Christ..before he gets thrown into the infernal pit for eternity..How to recognize the enemy of our souls..etc etc.

  2. Kindred Spirit

    The importance of the twin pillars of Holy Scripture and Tradition as the foundation upon which the Church is built. The fact that Tradition has been neglected, forgotten, or even eliminated by some Catholics is at the heart of the Church's difficulties today, in my opinion.

  3. Chad Myers

    I chuckled when I read, "Don't write anymore books. I hate you. Go away."And NO I didn't check that. I just thought it was funny.

  4. Anonymous

    APOLOGETICS FOR TEENS. I already posted this on facebook: Something basic for middle school and especially high school Catholic teens to help teach them apologetics for when they go to college. And if you could make it be written in a format for high school teachers to use, because students are STILL being poorly catechised in Catholic Schools. Kids don't know the basics, and are not ready for the barage of hatred for Catholicism that hits them when at work or in college.

  5. Steven

    I think you do something on how Catholics can be better informed of the faith. As a Protestant convert I was surprised by the lack of knowledge most Catholics have about Scripture. My son's name is Malachi. I can't tell you how many times I was asked where I came up with such a beautiful name for my boy…really? You're not serious…really? Then I tell them politely because I know it will embarass them, from the prophet Malachi and his book in the Old Testament. And perhaps tie in the what Vatican II did say and not what it didn't causing a lot of parishes to go over the intent of the document, etc. My two cents

  6. Jackie

    Something involving catholic doctrine. How about the pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night? what is it? I have heard it is the blessed Virgin Mary . I don't know how you feel about the 5th Marian dogma but I am all for it .

  7. Elizabeth

    There is a very Catholic-rich culture on college campuses these days. Take a look at how this phenomenon is growing!If you need one unique 35 year old tradition that influenced a community, look at Encounter with Christ in the Richmond, Virginia Diocese. My parents went on an "Encounter" and I did too. That culture is feeding itself!

  8. Anonymous

    How about a book on your local Bishop?

  9. Anonymous

    How about a work of fiction? A story about a family whose son falls in love with a young lady who is not Catholic, but who is a devout, serious Christian. The girl’s father, by the way, happens to be an ex-Catholic with a lot of anti-Catholic baggage, shall we say. The daughter falls in love with a young man who is Catholic, but whose family are CEO [Christmas and Easter Only] Catholics. Although the parents try to hide their misgivings from the younger children, the younger ones pick up on their parents’ disquietude. After a series of trials and lots of prayer, the story has a happy ending. Both of the children’s beaus embrace the Catholic faith as they learn in detail what the Church actually teaches. Or, maybe it doesn’t have a happy ending [at least as far as the parents are concerned – Thy will be done].You could weave essential teachings of the faith into the story. Sadly, this tale is not a work of fiction for us [only we’re still waiting to see how it works out]… I imagine a lot of Catholic families these days have similar problems and would like to give a book like this as a gift to their children’s protestant / nominally Catholic boyfriend /girlfriend.

  10. Anonymous

    I would like to read something about the more dangerous heresies in protestantism, like the Word Faith Movement or something along those lines.

  11. Anonymous

    Indissoluability of marriage, True pressence in the Eucharist. Just to name a couple topics.Mike

  12. Adamtrek

    I got a good title for you: "Mere Catholicism" It's about time C.S. Lewis gets a sequel.

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