1. Ismael

    The sad thing is that this murderer probably is a hero to some women (and some men too perhaps)

  2. An Irish Catholic

    @Ismael, she's no heroine to anyone in Ireland. @Patrick, we know about Ms. Cadden and her links to the judiciary, politicians and prominent lay Catholics of the day who had a lot of business for her. These men were a perfect 'cover' for Cadden, but it's no different today all over the world, even if abortion is legal, the same people, high profile figures in the Church and lay ministry along with political circles, still have business for the abortionists.

  3. Anonymous

    Technically, following a number of botched referenda, abortion is legal in Ireland if required to save the life of the mother, but legislation has not been put in place. At the moment the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), which represents Ireland's doctors, still considers abortion grounds for professional misconduct and will strike off any doctor who performs one. There is a real possibility, however, of the Labour Party, which is radically left-wing, anti-life and anti-Christian, gaining considerable representation in the Irish Parliament at the next election and forming a coalition government and we will probably see the passing of pro-abortion legislation in the Dail (Irish Parliament) and the speedy introduction of procedures. The IMO will have no choice but to change its directives and ethos since it will then be against the law, just as now it is illegal in Ireland to oppose same-sex unions. Given the influence of aggressive secularism in Ireland, opposition to abortion is not as strong as it was, unfortunately. Cadden's Brave New Ireland is just an election away.

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