Classic Catholic Truth Society Pamphlets, Free Online

About 12 years ago, I had the occasion to visit the office of the Catholic Truth Society in London during a speaking tour there. A number of their venerable apologetics tracts and booklets were on display in a bookcase, most of them having been written decades earlier (some, many decades earlier) during a time in England when vigorous Catholic apologetics outreach to Protestants, atheists, and other non-Catholics was quite common.

The CTS staffer I spoke to that day made sure to provide me with a stack of pamphlets before I left, and in the ensuing years since that visit, I have lost track of them. That is, until today, when I discovered a whole cache of them posted on a Catholic website — each of them scanned in and available for free as PDFs of the originals. I’ve downloaded them all and would like to encourage you to go and do likewise. As basic, Catholic explanations of doctrinal, moral, and social issues go, these CTS materials are accessible, interesting, fact-filled, and compelling. As the old Alka-Seltzer commercial used to say, “Try it, you’ll like it.”


  1. Lisa Graas

    Oh, my! What a find!

  2. Marco

    Awesome!!!! Thanks, God Bless!

  3. doanli aka "orange blossom"

    Will check it out!

  4. Michael J. Russell

    I fondly remember seeing pamphlets from the Catholic Truth Society in our home growing up. I believe my mom may have obtained these during her U.S. Navy service in World War II.Being a British apostolate, the use of the English language in their literature was always as beautiful (and grammatically flawless) as the theology was sound. Likewise, you were overwhelmed with the sense that to be both Catholic and English truly meant something. You learned that many great saints and martyrs had sacrificed their lives (in horrificly gruesome ways) for the Catholic faith during the English reformation, just so that you could read what you were now reading.

  5. ecclesiaprimus

    Thank you for sharing

  6. Mark

    I don't see a 'download as PDF' option — am I missing it?Thanks in advance for the assistance!

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for the find but I do not know how and where to download !

  8. Patrick Madrid

    To download, just click the image of the pamphlet and it will load as a PDF document. Then, just click the save button (looks like a floppy disc [remember those?]) in the upper left-hand corner, and voilá — it's saved to your computer.

  9. Mark

    Thanks so much, Patrick. I was now able to download them as PDF. What caused the confusion is that "Catholicism and Socialism" does not have a PDF version (or at least I don't see it). I should have looked at the other ones yesterday and didn't think to. Nonetheless, thank you and God Bless you!

  10. bullma99

    Thank you Patrick–This is great find. I work in one of the Bible Belt states and many of my co-workers (I think all) are non-Catholics. I find myself trying to defend my faith all the time. These pamphlets will come in handy. Muchisimas Gracias.

  11. Ben

    how about the following site… and lots of CTS pamphlets as HTML, PDF and MP3!

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