I Would Like to Show You More Than This

A few thoughts are in order here:

1) The 80s gave us some truly excellent music and some truly lame music videos.
2) Bryan Ferry is a talented singer-songwriter.
3) The other members of Roxy Music, who are also talented, were (literally) overshadowed in this video.
4) That single note you hear when you see the saxophone player blow when he leans back for his “solo” is actually played on the synthesizer, not the saxophone.
5) Roxy Music’s “Avalon” is also a very cool song.
6) Men do not look good when wearing eye-liner and sporting pointy sideburns.
7) Feel free to add any additional thoughts you think are apropos of this.


  1. Michael

    Roxy Music was a huge influence on late 70's, early 80's New Wave music.Electronic music giant Brian Eno was a founding member and a musical force independent of his years with Roxy.Thanks for posting. Roxy was a seminal band, that hasn't been duly credited.

  2. Judy

    I could not understand hardly a word he said

  3. Paul Baylis

    Glad we agree on music, if not Medjugorje:-) I had just recently added this song to my YouTube top songs playlist. The song transports me back to high school (as songs do) and yeah it's one one of the better 80's offerings for sure.

  4. Amy

    I love Bryan Ferry! Did not think there were so many catholic fans out there. "Slave to Love," is my favorite, but for different reasons today. Seriously, I think Christ was the greatest slave for love of humanity.

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